1. Short for Escobar, the name given to Nas when he was the first Non Wu Tang clan member to be featured on one of their songs.

2. Used for anyone who buried a brooklyn M.C. with superior flow and original lyrics
Nasty Nas to Esco to Escobar

That cat went esco on jigga
by Asterix421 July 30, 2006
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Slang term for Cadillac Escalade SUV manufactured by General Motors.
"Dad, I'm going out with this dime tonight, can I take your Esco?"
by Akerson January 21, 2012
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Something extremely cool. Can also mean very smart and also refer to a person who could be described as a hustler or a self made moneymaker.
"He moves real esco and keeps people guessing, can't catch him slipping."

She's esco when it comes to moneymaking, there's no one better. She's a real boss."
by DMolly January 4, 2021
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Loved by Many Envied By Even More Neighborhood superstar, dope boy, jack boy, pimp, hood legend A Man Who’s Name Really rings bells! A born leader who many consider to be there brother or sister due to love or trust. A real LMG. God's Child
He’s living his life like Esco head first.
by flgirlmiami91 February 11, 2011
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Nick name for Escondido, California, a city just north of San Diego.
My family and I take Interstate 15 to Esco to visit the Wild Animal Park.
by yonskii July 20, 2009
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A male who is bad at bowling

A really ugly girl
Yo look at Michael bowl he’s an Esco
Yeah but he’s better than Jordan
by Marshie July 19, 2018
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A cool, laid back, most likely Mexican guy. People adore this guy. All of the girls think that hes cute, nice, rich, smart, and just totally fall in love with him! He likes to chill with his homies, just have a good time. Dont piss an "Esco" off or he will fuck you up. The life of the party, funny, smokes blunts, and sips on that alcohol.
Man look at that kid, everything in like goes his way, he so lucky, he must be an "Esco".

pimp, man, cool, awesome, smoke
by smokinisahabit November 6, 2011
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