Electronic Software Association. Formerly known as the IDSA. An evil watchdog organization hired by insecure gaming corporations to seek out and destroy abandonware sites instead of focusing on real problems like the piracy of current retail software.
"The only good thing ESA ever did was invent the ESRB rating system."
by T.Ractorhead November 24, 2006
ESA = Employment and support allowance

A 'benefit' provided by jobcentre/dss/dwp in the UK (like JSA).

replaces incapacity benefit/income support for the sick & disabled.

some people on ESA, like JSA will be fakers and scroungers with 'bad backs', 'general pain' and 'incurable depression' because all these things are difficult to disprove.

most ESA money will go back into the british economy and money anyway as tax on fags and alcohol is high.. so benefit fraud problems are seriously over-rated

hopefully it wont fuel the drugs trade.
there goes dave, he's been on sickness benefit for years, he's got 'depression' and a 'bad back'.. oh look, he has a new car! that car was paid for by DLA motability!

i went to my ESA medical today and had to pretend to be suffering from cancer

signing on is for mugs.. claim ESA and you dont have to go down to jobcentre, and you get more money. just make up some illness.

what about hypochondria-munchausens-malingeritis syndrome?
by Meemomel May 19, 2010
The European Space Agency- Europes shared answer to Amerikas NASA. While the ESA has never done much int he field of Manned missions, its unmanned missions have generally been quite successful.
"Damn Dude, ESA is like 1336 to NASA- but is still p1mpz0rz!"
by Sean McCoy June 27, 2004
-The cutest asian in the world

-so many girls like him
-cutest cheeks and eyes

-prettiest smile
-u feel safe with him
by Hsjwjajss May 20, 2019
The word Esa can be used when one wishes to visit the toilet "I'm going for an Esa" used in place of I'm going for a number one or two.

Also used to describe a person who likes to hang around toilets
"look there's an Esa" or "I'm off for an Esa"
by Skatdesign May 13, 2009
The coolest dad one could ever have, the more cuddly version of the word "ese".
by Daddy's girl June 4, 2004