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The art of stealing street/construction signs. Usually, any street sign is acceptable to take, however, it is an unspoken rule that signs such as "Hospital" or "In Memory Of" be left alone. Most people say it is unacceptable to take "Stop" signs, but if it's in a sparsely trafficed area, it is usually fine. Almost anything else is fair game. Some people hold contests to see who who is able to jack the funniest/rarest signs. This is a popular sport among the Hellraisers.
Hellraiser 1: Dude, I just jacked a Police Parking Only Sign while signing last night!

Hellraiser 2: You got balls man, but mine is funnier, it says, "Speed Humps Zone"! That one's goin' in my dorm for sure.
by TZR May 13, 2006
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An urban sport that involves taking peoples house signs and making off with them.
by Billhookboys April 14, 2009
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