Junior State of America/Junior Statesmen of America
A non-profit, non-partisan, student run organization that gets students involved with politics and activism. Students attend conventions and have chapter meetings at their school. It is also a good place to meet new people.
Guy 1: "Hey dude that was a pretty cool debate"
Guy 2: "Yeah and that chick that gave that subsequent? She was fine!"
Guy 1: "Hell yeah! I saw you freaking with her at the dance, way to go man!"
Guy 2: "Yeah we hooked up in one of the hotel rooms after that, it was fun"
Guy 1: "Awesome! I can't wait till the next convention"
by TheCrudMan August 29, 2005
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JSA is a Non-Partisan Political Organization that combines hot, steamy debate and thoughtful, intellectual sex
Nora mentally fucked me in a JSA debate yesterday. Then the NES governor and I went back to my room and had a threesome.
by JSAer March 29, 2006
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a poltical debate club, often used to get down at night while pretending to care about debating during the day
did you see that newport girl in JSA's opening session?
yeah im gonna be all over that ass tonight at the dance..
by jsaerrrr September 27, 2010
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Junior State of America
A "non-partisan" group, that encourages high-school students to get involved in politics at overnight and month long conventions.
However, it is often a place where said students have sex and/or do drugs, at dances, near-sexual acts are common.
Guy 1: "That JSA debate was pretty rad!"
Guy 2: "Yeah and the bitch that gave the first subsequent speech? Her ass was dandy!"

Guy 3: "I saw you grinding with some girls at the dance last night!"
Guy 4: "That was nothing, you should have seen what went on back in their room."
Guy 3: "Aww man, you gotta let me in on some of that action man!"
Guy 4: "Maybe at the next JSA event, the RAs are getting on to us."
by TheRealMAS August 2, 2013
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The act of doing JSA. This includes but is not limited to participating in activism, debating and attending JSA conventions.
The ORV technology director is so good at JSAing, he is basically always editing videos for the state.
by gov14 June 10, 2013
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a way to cover up your secretive masterbation when someone calls.
Guy: (one hand on phone. Other hand choking the chicking) Hi mom
Mom: (calling)what are you doing?
Guy: JSA work
Mom: Dont forget to email it to Chirs when your done
Guy: (looks down) I won't
by Ann March 9, 2004
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Otherwise known as the Elistist game, the goal of the JSA points game is to hook up with people at conferences to score points. The higher position someone holds, the more points they are worth. (Founded in the ORV)
Dude, I just hooked up with the PNW governer for ten points! I'm so good at the JSA Points Game!
by actdir January 8, 2010
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