A gang in Nova Scotia, evolved around Darthmouth.They have started making music.
sup b u in the e.s.a
fuck im from the darkside i aint want shit to do wit the e.s.a
by esa 4 life August 6, 2005
E.S.A East side assasin used by taggers in china town to represent u from the east side or can be used if you are from the N.Y. representin that your a East sider.
Man those ESA thugs be taggin all ova the West side ova n out.
by My NgUyen AkA Fo ReAlz March 1, 2005
Person 1: have you heard Esa Shaheed's new remix?
Person 2: Yeah broo the bass slaps hard as fucc
by Badmanfromjonestown February 9, 2022
A bomber and famine land half breed who’s an autistic Retard and likes to shitpost the most retarded shit
by PakiDestroyer April 28, 2022
Fine ass place that Bin-Laden is hiding in...
A deep dark cave, i would not mind traveling through
by Booty of Esa March 24, 2003
by October 8, 2020
When you take a shit and you, quite literally, annihilate the shit by beating the shit out of your shit.
Mike: You wanna go ESA together bro?
Jack: Yeah after we finish munging.
Mike: Hell Yeah! ESA (External Shit Annihilation) is the best!
by MaleVeronica July 26, 2018