A gang in Nova Scotia, evolved around Darthmouth.They have started making music.
sup b u in the e.s.a
fuck im from the darkside i aint want shit to do wit the e.s.a
by esa 4 life August 06, 2005
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E.S.A East side assasin used by taggers in china town to represent u from the east side or can be used if you are from the N.Y. representin that your a East sider.
Man those ESA thugs be taggin all ova the West side ova n out.
by My NgUyen AkA Fo ReAlz February 28, 2005
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Fuck boy thinks no one knows he is gay but everyone knows .

1.take it to the ass
2. Suck a dick
3. Now youre Esa

You bite the pillow
Wow hes almost as gay as Esa
by DR PPshsbdb February 27, 2019
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