Someone who tries really hard, but is just not 1337 material. They are, therefore, a 1336, or Leeb, a Leet Noob.
I hate playing team doubles on Halo and I get paired with a 1336.
by LWxxDark Wolf August 14, 2009
a way of poking fun at someone who is not 1337, usually in online video games.

see also 1337
"Stop camping! you're so 1336!"

"your clan is 1336"
by dave card May 21, 2004
Somewhat 1337. Not quite 1337 yet, but they're getting there.
That shot was pretty 1336. Although, you could have lead your target and...
by drowningfish March 1, 2008
Said to pokefun at someone; used to call someone almost "leet"(1337)
Dude holy s*$# your so 1336! Haha you noob
by Hacker[WA] September 7, 2006
When someone spells 1337 wrong,it comes out as 1336,which is usually left un corrected because people don't care
"Dude,that was pretty 1336" *Long,uncomfortable pause*
by Eric May 21, 2004
Something underrated.

Deserves the status of "Elite"

See 1337.
That's my friend you're playing with. His gamerscore is only 2165, but trust me, he's such a 1336 + 1.
by LWxxDark Wolf June 5, 2009
Basically something that deserves 1337 status in expanded form
Your mom is 1336 + 1
by AWPerative May 10, 2006