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A name for a boy with the heart of a warrior. Based off of famous actor, Errol Flynn, it refers to someone who is going to be remembered by the world. Famously associated with anti-heroes like Robin Hood, Errol is an adventurous name full of mystery and valor.
Did you see the way he fought off that guy? He's totally an Errol.
by ResearchedBoi January 19, 2018
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used when rolling a joint, to describe using only the minimal amount of tobacco, equal to the wafer-thin moustache sported by errol flynn. Note, the opposite of an Errol is a Burt (Reynolds)
easy with the tobacco man, no need for a Burt, just give it a nice Errol
by Spliff Richard and Mako February 10, 2006
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To have sexual intercourse, necessarily with a female for the purposes of this definition, from behind either vaginally or anally, withdrawing prior to orgasm, ejaculating on her back and immediately walking out of the house.
"I Erroled Sally last night!"

"Jesus how did she react?"

"Not too impressed!"
by Mickstar February 02, 2008
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(noun) A variation of "earl" meaning the anti-hero or the noble pirate. The paradox of a good guy that is willing to behave badly or a bad guy that is able to do good deeds.


A person who is willing to do wrong for the right reasons or a just outcome and/or a person who appears righteous but perpetuates evil. (A paradox!)
Errol pissed me off when he did the opposite of what I told him but it still worked in the end.


The U.S.A was a real errol when George Bush Jr. was the leader. (A paradox of a great place not living up to it's promise because of a terrible leader.)
by E24/7 February 03, 2010
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an asian looking boy, who wishes he was black because he wants to be 'G'. errol is an intelligent, down to earth guy who is always someone you can turn to when you need help. he is also loyal, personable & loving (:
person 1: 'hey whos that asian kid?'
person 2: 'that errol dumbass! everyone knows that!'
by mustacheee June 13, 2009
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A person who falls asleep often, but is completely alert when awoken.
I just pulled an Errol in that meeting.
by azee19 October 31, 2011
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