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Ern is an alter ego. when someone acts differently and identifys differently then usual they are a Ern. They are quiet and observant but very smart. They are always one step ahead of everyone but they dont let anyone know till its too late
"dude he was so sketchy today he knows something i dont"

"what a ern"
by datscayute April 01, 2018
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A tiny, almost imperceptible cough, usually hidden behind a mask due to; emphysema, asthma, allergies or the dreaded COVID, so as not to alarm others to your potential of being β€œthe infected.”
I was walking through the grocery store and I had a tickle in my throat but I didn’t want people to think I was contagious so I let out a microcough.
by PeteLoaf320 November 25, 2020
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The way white white girls trying to be cool pronounce earings.
Upon opening her gift, Jackie exclaimed, "Juicy erns! I wanted these!"
by ByRd December 24, 2006
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β€œI like crayons”, ERN, stop being high on wack
by Wackalo April 19, 2018
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-it’s just ern, there’s no other way to put it
-could be a nick name used for others
β€œERN” β€œern whats up?!”
by October 21, 2018
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