a legendary BAMF viking warrior who's tall buffed out body is crowned with hair of fire and filled with a heart of gold that is always there to give strength to his comrades in arms. He enjoys hurling large heavy objects long distances for fun and he is known for his skills at rocking out on the bass. He is impervious to anything the world attempts to throw at him. Though his only known weakness is the sun. but that isn't that big of a deal because of the great advances in sunblock technology. Upon meeting this legendary Eric if you are a woman you will automatically feel the urge to be with him and if you are a guy you will wish to be him. He is a bro of the highest quality. no homo.
"eric come over here i need you to help me move this large heavy object/reach something up high."
by big_fudge64 September 25, 2011
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Eric’s are amazing! They are always their when you need them and will do the most for you. They also have hugeee cocks.
Eric’s are the best to date.
by iamlegend03 December 28, 2018
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A mystical creature. He's like a tiny tan unicorn. When you see this guy you will understand. Cock and balls. When he walks he is followed by rainbow rivers danced on by tiny sparkling butterflies. It takes your breath away to the point that it hurts. No one can explain it to you. One day you will understand till then i'm sorry I tried. I love the dick.
Did you see Eric when he walked by I think I saw a ladybug tap dancing. Well maybe it was Moth. Why aren't moths considered pretty like butterflies. I really like moths they remind me of that fancy guy named Eric.
by That lady loves it August 18, 2013
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No, fuck you Eric.
Shut the the fuck up, Eric, stop searching your name on Urban Dictionary, to get your cock sucked by other Erics, nobody actually thinks everyone named Eric has a large penis, is perfect, and every girl should have one, Eric is not a slang term, it's a name, it's your name. Use Urban Dictionary for its intended purpose, not because you have stupid insecurities and can't confront them like a functioning member of society.

Go ahead, dislike this, so we can see how many Erics there truly are.
This applies to nearly every name on Urban Dictionary, if it makes you feel any better.
Eric: Woah! It says I'm perfect in every way! You legally can't insult me now!
Bob: Shut the actual fuck up.
by guhlactic May 27, 2018
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A kind man. Always sweet, makes you smile every day. Has the cutest face and listens every time. Just like being a good cat. The man that makes your day happy. He makes you laugh every time.
Why is Eric being a good cat?
by HaKu~ February 19, 2019
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He is the most sweetest honest and loyal guy you will ever meet. And he is very handsome and sexy. All the girls want to be with him. He can be stubborn and always wants to be the leader and in control in situations but he is kind and loving to his family and friends. To his girlfriend he wants to always make her happy and show her that he loves her... He shows love and compassion to the person he is with... He is committed to a relationship and loyal. If you find yourself a Eric you are one lucky girl. Hang on to him tightly.
eric: hey baby, just calling to let you know what im doing and to tell you that I love you so much babe.

girlfriend: Awww I love you too baby so much. Im very lucky to have such a great wonderful loving boyfriend like you.
by CflowerR March 23, 2013
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