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To offer a severe beating; or to engage in such.
"...Ricky was a god for ten minutes when he trounced an actuary twice
his size."
by vervius April 08, 2005
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To beat or bash someone severely.
"Yo, I trounced that nigga 'coz he waz talkin' shit."
by Diego September 04, 2003
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The act of anal raping someone as they sleep.
1) Oh man, I got trounced HARD last night. There was blood everywhere!

2) I put duct tape on my corn hole while I sleep so Matt can't trounce me.
by SPARKY THE WONDER DOG August 02, 2004
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substitute for any sexual term you'd rather stay elusive about
Taylor and i were trouncing, but you dont know what that means!
by millisse February 12, 2005
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the most common demeaning thing going on in federal penitentiarys right now...the common...anal rape. Forcing your dick up another mans asshole
"NO, NO"

'jail set me more way than one'

"at least i wasnt horny all that time in jail"
by die whore February 03, 2004
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