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Having sex then going to the pool is a bad idea, especially with a erection
by Poop lord 2000 August 21, 2014
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The male penis in full strength flow, especially annoying when in the company of friends or at the swimming pool. It can be delt with by the below example.
This damn erection just won't go down, im going to take it into the bathroom and give it such a beating it'll think twice about coming out again
by bean March 05, 2003
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When blood flows from one head to the other.
I was sitting in my class wearing basketball shorts and got an erection, then my teacher grabbed my penis because she thought it was my phone.
by skywalker89 June 05, 2009
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The way a native Japanese man or woman pronounce, election.
BTW, next week is Erection Day, right?
by Mint October 28, 2004
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when a man's penus is filled with blood due to sexual arousal.

Often annoying or embarrasing in public, and is tried to be hidden (usually tucked up in the waistband of pants/underwear)

*frequent to young boys and teens in puberty
Jacob was in wonder aas Melissa walked by him to the board in class one day. He stared at her perfect ass as it went by. Before he knew it he had a boner. A big fat erection.

He tried to push is down but his head rubbed against the soft material of his plaid hollister boxers but that just stimulated it even more. He had to unbutton his pants to let it breath a little. Now he can't help but to start stroking it. It felt so good.

As Melissa walked back to her seat next to Jacob she notices his big boner. She always had a crush on him and now she decided to make her move. She reached over and started to furiously rub her hand up and down on his already hard dick. He moaned wit pleasure.

Jacob couldn't hold it in anymore and he finally let go and a hot sticky stream of jizz released all over his pants and boxers. It was the best class f his life.
by boxerboy02 December 31, 2009
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(Slang for hard-on.) 1. A male's most magnificent and majestic display of his virility, when aroused by the sight of a beautiful female or by the thought of sex. 2. The magical transformation of a cock that doubles in size, gets hard as a rock, and stands straight and tall as a soldier at attention. 3. The aroused state of a dick that looks like a huge rocket on a launching pad and feels like a giant stick of dynamite about to explode. 4. Sign to a female who sees or feels it that a male is ready and able to fuck. 5. Opportunity for a guy to show off his magnitude and his potency, when he has one while standing up in front of the class; likely to evoke giggles and blushes from girls, to hide embarrassment at the feelings it arouses.
When she felt my erection as we slow-danced together, she sighed deeply and drew me more tightly to her.
I could feel myself getting an erection as we kissed.
When I saw her standing in her wet bathing suit, I got an erectionso big that my cock stuck out over the top of my trunks. She smiled when she saw it and said, "Looks like somebody's glad to see me!"
by Adam Phillips August 25, 2006
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