When a man's penis becomes stuff and hard, thickens and increases in length, and after that if he's still more sexually aroused, he cums
Just seeing Alana made have a massive erection
by Suki1234 February 5, 2018
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Having sex then going to the pool is a bad idea, especially with a erection
by Poop lord 2000 August 22, 2014
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A Male penis at its proudest moment yet most vunerable time. When a male looks at a female that he is sexually attracted he is then overcome by arousal which begins to fill his penis with blood thus enlarging more roughly two times as large until it stands as alert as a soldier and as proud as the Statue Liberty. Also this is a meaning that the penis is ready for a variety of sexual inducing activities this includes sex, wanking, beating , sucking , fucking , licking , oral , anal , mastrubation
Jimmy had just hit puberty and began to feel a wide range of emotional and sexual feelings it was then he realized his duty as a man which was to fuck a woman. Upon realizing this he began to look at woman in a different way as sex tools. He started off basic wanking dry with no lube his first ejaculation was drippy and not to aggressive. Later on as he began to mastrubate up to three times a day his orgasms grew stronger and lasted longer instead of th drippy ejaculation he used to get, he started to get long strings of hot jizz splashing all over his bed.

It was all good for poor little Jimmy until that one day in school. He was walking by the school pool when he saw the girl of his dreams, Christine in her already wet swimsuit. He began to feel a strong force pushing against his school pants. As he entered 2nd period the bulge had not yet disappeared as he saw Christine walking in the class with her tight jeans and her humongous asscheeks winking at him. The stick in his boxers began to grow and grow he tried to adjust using his hands to make it face upright but had accidentally rubbed his penis. Overcomed with arousal he began violently beat his silky smooth dick as the whole class noticed Jimmy already moaning and groaning. Christine reached out and started to suck his dick thus causing him to release a hot sticky stream/waterfall of jizz into Christine’s mouth. At the end both Christine and Jimmy got expelled but this wasn’t the end of their sex story. Erection
by Murdock head February 15, 2018
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Erection an Erection happens when you play with your dick for a loooong time in the bathroom with the show on so your parents don’t hear you.

Erection This type of erection happens when you see a HOT GIRL

Erection it happens when you (Henry) sees the boy in your class (Jasper) looking at you
Henry got the erection when he saw the picture of his grandma on facebook

Henry got the erection when he saw jasper he had to play with his dick so much he just wanted to bang jasper on the table right then and their
by Erection boy September 14, 2020
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A way by which a man's penis makes its presence, as well as it's true needs felt, after being used for most of the life as a pee-pipe.
Johnny had an erection. His penis seemed happy.
by InfinitZ April 15, 2011
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1. When a man's penis is enlarged due to natural attraction to another person. Men will normally get a hard one after looking at woman who are posing in a manor that is 'stiffening' to a man. See example. Erections are also obtained during sex when fooling around with the opposite gender. However some teenage boys are unable to control this urge and often get an erection in an embarassing situation. Some men get an erection over another man ; this is the sure sign of being gay.

2. A building that has been created - generally through man made resources.
Description 1 : The man got an erection after looking at a semi-naked woman who was sucking her finger seductively.

Description 2 : The erection of the new school had been completed a day earlier than expected.
by Posa-D November 15, 2005
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