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1. When a man's penis is enlarged due to natural attraction to another person. Men will normally get a hard one after looking at woman who are posing in a manor that is 'stiffening' to a man. See example. Erections are also obtained during sex when fooling around with the opposite gender. However some teenage boys are unable to control this urge and often get an erection in an embarassing situation. Some men get an erection over another man ; this is the sure sign of being gay.

2. A building that has been created - generally through man made resources.
Description 1 : The man got an erection after looking at a semi-naked woman who was sucking her finger seductively.

Description 2 : The erection of the new school had been completed a day earlier than expected.
by Posa-D November 15, 2005

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Stands for 'Mother I'd Like (to) Fuck'. Generally used in internet conversations as a way of winding up your friend.
Tom: Wow, your mom is hot!
Jack: What?
Tom: She's milf!
by Posa-D November 15, 2005

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The way someone or something looks or acts. In a similar way to partay, the word Sexay is used not only to describe 'such and such' but can be used, especially on forums, to make the sense of being a bit 'out of it'. Instead of Sexy, people use this to make something sound better than it originally is. Sometimes people use more than one 'A' to make their point better.
Example 1: omg, that bloke is so sexay!

Example 2 : omg, that bloke is so sexaaay!
by Posa-D November 15, 2005

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A term used for describing the opposite sex as good looking, however not usually used between the same gender. The opposite of this is commonly butterz. See also buff and Hot.
"That girl is a right fittie!"
"Yeah, well hands off, she's mine."
by Posa-D November 15, 2005

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