erected is another word for yes just like hard means yes

hard is when the penis is in an up right position this happens when the guy is horny
e.g “ do u want sauce with that ?”

erected please “

which means “yes please
by i made it a thing January 8, 2018
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When a man's penis becomes stuff and hard, thickens and increases in length, and after that if he's still more sexually aroused, he cums
Just seeing Alana made have a massive erection
by Suki1234 February 5, 2018
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when the dick gets hard by reminiscing something in the past most likely sex that was exciting
Well Bryan sure Is Erecting From that Friday night sex
by Xmantra August 26, 2019
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Having sex then going to the pool is a bad idea, especially with a erection
by Poop lord 2000 August 22, 2014
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The male penis in full strength flow, especially annoying when in the company of friends or at the swimming pool. It can be delt with by the below example.
This damn erection just won't go down, im going to take it into the bathroom and give it such a beating it'll think twice about coming out again
by bean March 5, 2003
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Erection an Erection happens when you play with your dick for a loooong time in the bathroom with the show on so your parents don’t hear you.

Erection This type of erection happens when you see a HOT GIRL

Erection it happens when you (Henry) sees the boy in your class (Jasper) looking at you
Henry got the erection when he saw the picture of his grandma on facebook

Henry got the erection when he saw jasper he had to play with his dick so much he just wanted to bang jasper on the table right then and their
by Erection boy September 14, 2020
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