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1. Straight and vertical: In an upright position.

2. Physiology firm and rigid: Stiff and swollen as a result of being filled with blood, e.g. when sexually aroused.

3. Right side up: Describes an optically produced image that is right side up and not inverted.

4. To build a structure from basic parts and materials.

5. To fix something in an upright position.

6. To bring an organization, system, or theory into being.

7. To draw or construct a line or figure on a given base.
1. An erect plant stem.
2. An erect penis.
3. An erect picture.
4. The building was erected in 1885.
5. Fixing things..
6. The corporation erected a new legal department to deal with mergers and acquisitions.
7. Drawing an erect graph.
by Jafje April 10, 2007
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When the male organ (penis) is in an upward position normaly when sexually pleased or horny.
Wow man my penis is so much bigger looking when its erect.
by Rachel May 27, 2004
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When a male’s penis becomes hard which means he’s ready to be sexually pleased
When she felt my erection as we slow-danced together, she sighed deeply and drew me more tightly to her.

I could feel myself getting an erection as we kissed.
by xx.yung.dagger.dick.xx July 27, 2018
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When a girl is hot as fuck, and your dick gets hard as fuck and becomes erect
Yo dat bitch just bent over, my penis is becoming erect!!!
by BriaN! March 14, 2004
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I just got erect when I saw that picture you sent me.
by ResetRBLX January 27, 2018
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When your penis goes hard. Erect or erection.
Harry, I can tell you ahve been looking in those filthy mags again, Your dick is erect!
by Mad Whit September 14, 2003
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