An equalist believes in equality for all. No one person is better than anyone else and everyone desearves equal rights in society.
Audrey: I am an equalist and I believe in equality for all.
by Mighty Audrey January 07, 2015
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A person who doesn't believe that males or females are superior, but rather that both genders are equal to each other and acts upon that belief.
It's not communist, it's equalist. It's only so no one complains and I don't have to put up with anyone's whining, but it's a very great philosophy, you gotta admit.
by Sanityfan June 17, 2011
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An equalist is noble, intelligent wo/man that believes in the equal treatment, but not superiority or inferiority, of all peoples, including genders, races, ethnic groups, etc. Equalists speak the truth, and sometimes the truth's blinding light scorches chauvinists. Watch out, Dick Masterson, the truth of equality will soon burn holes in your soul! Er, ahem... equalists, such as myself, will fight for ALL peoples, men, women, blacks, whites, Catholics, Buddhists, and so forth. Gender-Specific Equalists are INCREDIBLY common, and the astounding number of these people outweigh the sexists by far. Racial-Specific Equalists are a little less common, but more and more are popping up every day, thankfully! Religious-Specific Equalists are almost as common as Gender Equalists, many thanks to you. Take pride in whoever you are becuase it's not your skin, gender, or religion that determine who you are, but your actions!
Sexist person: Oh no!!!! An equalist! They'll bury all my malicious lies with their truths! Save me!!!!

Equalist: Die, sexist fucker!!! (Relax, we won't literally KILL you, we'll just mess you up so bad you'll wish we had.)
by All Powerful Lioness September 13, 2010
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: the belief that all men and women should have equal rights and opportunities

Full Definition of Equalist

: the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes and ethnic groups

Same thing as feminism, but avoids the negative connotations and prevents others from being caught up on semantics.
Everyone deserves their individual rights equally. Let's all be equalists.
by AstroTarots June 16, 2014
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Someone that doesn't just believe in "Black Lives Matter" or these Feminist, but believe that everyone should be treated the same as anyone else it doesn't matter about their age, height, gender, religion, race, where they come from, their income, how they look, their job or lack of, or their title such as "teacher" or "cashier" until that person shows that shouldn't be treated the same like if they bullied someone, lied to someone, hurt someone, stole, or anything of the sort.
"Are you a Feminist?"
"So you don't believe in women's right!?!?!"
"No, I'm an Equalist. I believe in everyone's rights to be who they are as long as it isn't something illegal. So, I believe in my rights, your rights, and the man down the street that I have never talked to's rights."
by ComZeroGaming August 21, 2017
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An activist that not only supports woman, but as well as men.
As a Equalist, I think if woman can wear a skirt and get their nails done, so can men.
by UT_Dis March 11, 2019
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A movement started in response to the more aggressive and crude proponents of feminism. Equalists claim to support equal rights for all. However, instead of fighting for the rights of the minorities they claim to represent, they seem to spend all their time bashing feminism. Many people who claim to be one are true to their word, but most people just want to put down civil rights leaders without seeming like a sexist and/or racist.
Equalist: As an equalist I support the rights of all human beings. I want equal rights for blacks, whites, men, women, the disabled, christians, muslims ... Everybody!

Me: So have you actually done anything for any of those groups?

Equalist: Well... no, not exactly... but someday I'm gonna.
by 8Faraday October 19, 2014
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