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Different spelling of “no” or the plural word “noes

Used to be cute and childish and sensitive, along with to exaggerate no so it’s obvious your not telling the truth.
Parent: Did you steal the cookies?!

Child: Noe. (Covered in cookie crumbs)

Older sister: I can’t find my dresses anywhere, did you use them?

Little sibling: Noe, what? Me? Neverrrr.
by Bad54 January 05, 2021
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A degrading word for a man who is feminine, might wear women’s clothes, prefers to be themselves over a stereotypical man. Probably has issues with self Image and insecurities.
Might come off weak but will most likely tell you wear to go if they must.
Bully: you see that sissy? I’m gonna call him a fagot and push him around.

Sissy: starts to cry then proceeds to knock the bully’s teeth down there through.

Female whiteness: gurl that was amazing! Don’t listen to them, your beautiful inside and out!
by Bad54 July 28, 2019
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Femboy is a term like tomboy used for people who are born to be masculine but presents feminine traits.
The person in particular can be of any sexuality or gender But most commonly is assigned male at birth.
This term is not to be mistaken with a cross dresser (someone who dresses in feminine clothes as a fun activity) or a sissy ( a person who dresses in feminine clothes for sexual pleasure).

A femboy dresses in feminine clothes and masculine clothes because it’s clothing they like to wear with no real reason except to feel good and be themselves.

A Femboy is not a ladyboy or a prostitute or a sex object.
Tim isn’t a sissy or a cross dresser! He’s a femboy, it’s just his personality.

Crystal is a femboy, they like are bisexual but that doesn’t mean they are a sissy whore.

You do realize a femboy can be transgendered. They don’t have to be cis or lgbtq.
by Bad54 May 15, 2020
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to see everyone the exact same (Equal) regardless of sex, race, religion, creed, or genetics. Example: a white woman and a black man whom have never met both kill there children, the woman is let go because she's not responsible for her actions while the man is condemned to the chair. in an equalists eyes they both deserve the same punishment for the same crime
the judge sentenced them both to life for murder because he is an equalist and believes they are both adults and know better.
by Bad54 January 02, 2021
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