Used when an action got social credit, but there was nothing behind it, either because of deception or luck.

Example 1: Jesse suggests to Billie that they should meet up tonight, even though Jesse secretly knows that Billie is busy and cannot meet. Jesse then *acts* (hence, 'Hamlet') very bummed, lamenting how on how much he misses Billie and that they should meet up already.
Example 2: Todd does not want to hang with David as planned, but reluctantly calls him to check where they are meeting up. David apologises profusely and explains that something has come up and he cannot meet. Todd, being and/or pulling a Hamlet, acts very disappointed and explains that he was so looking forward to it.
"HA! i really didn't wanna go out but i had a date with X setup so i called to cancel but before i could X said he/she was feeling a bit bad and wants to cancel, so i gave X shit about it and said how much i was looking forward to it. What a great Hamlet!
by yuxal June 30, 2020
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A strong, powerful creature in the RCU (Retarted Cinematic Universe).
Yo dude, I hear Hamlet finna mess up Thanos tomorrow.
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1) verb. To deliberate incessantly about a course of action that will lead to the same conclusion in any case.

2) verb. To be or not to be.
3) noun. A small cottage.
1) Dude! stop hamleting. Whether you ask her out or not she's not gonna sleep with you.

2) S**t. He just pulled a hamlet.

3) I want to live in that hamlet
by phlat.boy January 13, 2009
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A small unit of ham, usually a leg, made from genetically altered dwarf pigs, the legs of which are about the same size as that of a chicken's. Eaten in Shakespearean times from suckling pigs, currently a booming market overseas, especially in China.
I love Hamlet (food)
I love Hamlet (book) too
by Cloudwacher22 November 6, 2007
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A baby hamster under the age of about 3 months. Originates from the word "Piglet" : a baby pig.
Jon gave me a present! I got a hamlet and he's very sweet. He needs lots of care though, as he is only little x
by Pro ass January 26, 2007
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Omelet with ham
Good morning, Ill take a hamlet with some OJ.
by Bdiddy00 July 14, 2011
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originally the name of a shakespearan play. however, in recent times, a hamlet has adopted the meaning of a small ham sandwhich (i.e. more like hamlette just spelled hamlet)
I just got a hamlet from the deli.
by toee January 29, 2006
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