Something I don't have much of.

*looses interest, stares in other direction*
What most teenagers have is a short attention span, not ADD or ADHD. They just want to feel special.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e March 5, 2008
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Your normal attention span only significantly decreased due to Youtube. Whereas normally 10 minutes is a short amount of time, Youtube turns it into a cinematic experience.
Jill: Watch this video!
Jack: Okay.
Jack: wtf? 10 minutes? That's way over my Youtube Attention Span.
Jill: *cries*
by FreeCottonCandy August 1, 2010
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when someone is not able to listen or pay attention to their surroundings

someone is easily distracted
OMG dude what is wrong with you have such a short attention span.
by Idontknowcomputer November 23, 2013
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metaphorical phrase used to indicate a period requiring long hours of intense attention to detail.
Studying for law school finals feels like the Attention Span Olympics.
by free2invent December 9, 2010
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An Attention Span Ponzi Scheme is a system of recruitment of people to pay attention to a topic. People recruited to the topic are then encouraged to drag in the attention spans of others.

The entire system collapses when everyone realizes that the topic is bankrupt of value to be discussed in the first place.
Examples of Attention Span Ponzi Schemes include chain letters, time-wasting Facebook applications, and any social reference group that is based on recruiting others to participate or play for the subject to have sustained interest.
by GarethBeaumains March 12, 2009
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A term used in describing someone as having a nonexistent attention span.
Bubba Joe: So then I licked Sarah's pussy clean while Jane ate my asshole. And while all of this was going on, Mary Ann rode my rock hard cock like a nympho on steroids. But that's not it, cuz I also had Gina rubbing her titties on my body while I grabbed Rhonda and Taylor's breasts. Plus, the dozen other girls were masturbating and having multi-orgasms until the break of dawn.
Jacky Keith: Did you say something? I was listening to Easy Street.
Bubba Joe: You pathetic fuck. You have the attention span of an anti-sex addict on Pornhub.
by ChezmonoIsHere February 1, 2020
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