simply means 'the best sex you'll ever have'. If you meet someone with the name Stevenson and you play your cards you!
Stevenson = ooooOOOO
by michhan01 December 8, 2010
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Adlai E. Stevenson High School (SHS) is a school located at 1 Stevenson Drive Lincolnshire, Illinois. The school was established in 1965 yet somehow managed to be awful since 1964.

SHS has more money that it knows what to do with. Unfortunately this money goes into aesthetics rather than improving the smell of the buildings. The smell of ass can be smelled in classrooms in both the New and Old building. But the school decided instead to add a "point" to the old building and give the entrance the look of an airport. A butt ugly statue that even when completely entombed in Ivy and dirt will still be hideous because you know it is still there looking as stupid and ugly as all get resides on the side of the school facing route 22. Ladder of peace, more like waste of space.

Security guards are bountiful at Stevenson as well. While a majority of the student body wouldn't have the balls to defend themselves in a fist fight the school see the need to have an army of 45-79 year olds at the ready, in case a fight does break out. The security personnel then become bored and look to enforce EVERY stupid rule in the rule book of the school. They also enjoy cruising around in school owned Beauvilles the parking lots of the school and the neighboring streets off-campus(where they have no jurisdiction) looking for Freshmen and Sophomores who are not on-campus. They fail to notice of course that kids can just go over a hill and be free from security.

Adlai E. Stevenson High School is the illegitimate child of Stalin and Castro. If you can't reach the children through their minds take them by force. The only good thing about the school is that they own Chevrolet Beauvilles.
Student 1 - "Holy shit here comes Donnathon the security! We must have done nothing wrong here at Adlai E. Stevenson High School!"

Student 2- "I guess we could just briskly walk away and act like we can't hear her, she is going to need to take a breather after walking 100 feet."

Donnathon- "Throw that can pant, pant AWAY! pant, pant I will pant, pant write you pant, pant up!"

Student 1- "How is SHE a security guard?"

Student 2- "Affirmative action...or nobody else probably applied for her shitty job. I really hope she doesn't think she has any authority. Hey look the Red Beauville!"
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Adlai E. Stevenson High School located in Lincolnshire, Illinois. Huge school, 4000+ students. A million clubs and sport teams. Kids come from Lincolnshire, Buffalo Grove, Long Grove, ect.
Good place to be
(BGHS sucks)
Visitor: "Damn this school is big. Kids must be lost."

Random Kid: "Uh, no, both buildings are just squares..."

Freshman: "Ahh! I'm going to be late!!"

Senior: "Haha, freshman. I love stevenson..."
by Stevenson Grad '09 October 7, 2006
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Adlai E Stevenson High School (SHS)
It is the local public high school in lincolnshire Illinois. It is considered as one of the best in the country and contains over 4,500 students. The mascot is the patriot, sporting the school colors green and gold. There are two large buildings (dubbed the old and new building) Despite the size, anyone with an ounce of logic can manage to not get lost because of the convenient signs posted at any given intersection of hallways. The new building is shaped like a square, making it even harder to get lost because all you have to do to find your way back is to continue walking. There are an amazingly high amount of security guards who bust kids and write them up for disobeying the stupidest rules. For example, sitting on the stairs, having your cell phone out inside a building before school starts (just recently changed, actually), and telling members of there many sports teams to put their equipment in their incredibly inconvenient lockers or else they will be written up for carrying a weapon (sorry to the hockey, field hockey, baseball, and lacrosse teams) There is also a club for almost anything imaginable and many electives to choose. Besides that, there are an ample amount of accelerated, honors, and AP classes to place into or choose. As for food, the vending machines are stocked with junk food, ice cream, and zero calorie coke-related sodas. For lunch, there is rarely a healthy choice. As for busses, they can be described as over crowded. Most busses have students sitting two or three to a seat, which may not seem bad, but try to imagine three teenagers squeezing into a bus seat with all of their backpacks and whatever else they brought to school that day. However, the worst bus complaint appears to be a joint one from the boys soccer teams, girls field hockey teams, and tennis teams, who all have to share a single bus to take them to the Vernon hills athletic complex (VHAC) where their practices are. It has been described as a race to get on the bus in which at least 20 people lose each day. Those unlucky ones are left to wait until the bus comes back to pick them up and then get punished for arriving late to practice.
student one: ugh, I hate this. I have seventh in the old building in the 1900s and eighth in the new building in the 8000s. my locker is in the 2500s and I can't go back or I'll miss the VHAC bus and then coach will make me run extra laps.

student two: then just bring your bag to your last few classes.

student one: *annoyed look* I tried that already. Those nazi security guards said that if I didn't keep my bag in my locker, I'd get detention for carrying around a weapon. the ass-holes. Ugh, there is no way I am coming here on saturday morning for detention!

Student two: why do you even have to get there so early any way?

Student one: because my team shares with all three field hockey teams and all of the boys soccer teams. ugh, i hate them all. Stevenson sucks.

student two: that's tough.
by sportsgirl13 August 23, 2009
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This act requires a jar of peanut butter and a willing farm animal. The peanut butter is placed on your naughty bits and then you trick the farm animal into licking it off.
I can't believe you just had stevenson with that cow. At least you are supporting the peanut farmers of America though...
by luvinulongtime1 March 5, 2012
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A Banterful Clan Of Scots
That Band Is So Stevenson
by Cara Stevenson January 17, 2008
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When a man takes a walk late at night(likely to be park), and pulls down his pants and just randomly starts jacking off. After a while when he is clost to finish, he calls a guy named Steven and he comes to the park expected to find candy....but he finds his mouth full of cum.
Man, I stevensoned Steven Elder last night at the park and it was awesomely cool
by Stevenson Olo January 2, 2008
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