a brown hair, hazel eyed, jawline goals duo who are actually a gift to the damn earth
by keegan:) January 31, 2017
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17 year old youtubers who are outgoing , attractive , adventurous , funny and goofy . They have over 10 million followers put together on instagram alone. They have quite big booty s for boys.
C: have you seen the dolan twins new video posted this tuesday?
K: Yeh ethan looks so hot!
C: more like Grayson does!!
by dolan5624 June 02, 2017
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They are the daddies of the whole universe. They hate being called daddy but like how can you not call them that? They have the best sharpest jaw lines. Best abs out there. They get hate but they don't care. They are the sweetest, most genuine boys out there who are sadly turning 18 soon :,(
" woahhhh have you watched the dolan twins?" Smart girl says

"No I like the dobre twins" dumb girl says

"Psh your deadass dumb ahahha" smart girl says
by πŸ’•πŸ’‰ July 09, 2017
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two perfect human beings with 90 degree jawlines , brown beautiful eyes , and sexy bodies
β€œ the dolan twins are hot β€œ ... β€œ yeah no shit β€œ
by bhadbhiddie September 22, 2017
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Hot a** twins that will make you feel love when you think no one loves you.The make you overcome fears and depression.Their is so much about them you can't put them into words😘
I f****** hate myself no one loves me.1hour later I am loved by the Dolan Twins
by Savage πŸ‘‘ June 13, 2017
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Hot af 15 year olds who make stupid vines but their faces and YouTube videos make up for it. Known for: that tickle fight, a great grind on me video, adorable whining, immaculate jaw lines, and being crazy identical. (Grayson and Ethan.)
Example one: "Ethan is clearly the hotter of the two Dolan Twins." "Shut up Grayson is way better."
Example two: "isn't it terrible that the Dolan twins are only 15?" "WTF THEY ARE ONLY FIFTEEN? THEY ARE SO HOT THEY CANT BE FRESHMEN."
by Charlatan517 February 17, 2015
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