1. Produce something: To send or give out something

2. Utter something: to utter a sound

3. Put money into circulation: to put currency into circulation.
1. An oil heater that emits smoke.
2. An emitted a giggle.
3. An emitted currency.
by Jafje April 3, 2007
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An old Cornish work that literally translates as "ant".

Now widely used by locals durring the summer months to describe tourists in a derogotory manner.
Er thems bloody emit be swarming oer the Tamar gin this year
by David Harley June 11, 2004
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Emit is a godly figure located at the Forum's of Flashindustries.com. He has been an admin, a mod, and has even been banned at one point in time. All users along the internets should look up to Emit as the perfect forum user.
1. "The username Emit is already in use."
by Flashindustries September 18, 2007
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A Cornish derogatory term for a tourist or newcomer, especially those that have a second home.
I hate living in Newquay, you can't move in the summer because it's full of emits!
by kernowbysvyken July 21, 2006
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An emitment is an agreement between two females that it is okay to use a specific guy for sexual pleasure, that the other has previously dated/had sex with. An emitment is made to avoid frustrations and unnecessary jealousy/possesiveness and keep the friendship civil. The best emitments are greeted with a high five and a "DICK SISSES!" shout to celebrate the mutual conquest of that one hot piece of ass.
Girl 1: How do you feel about Brad???
Girl 2: OMG he's so hot!!! I already tapped his dick juice
Girl 1: Really??? Is it good?? Can I have some too???
Girl 2: Sure bbycakez go ahead! His clitlicking game is out of this world!!!
Girl 1: Damn girrrrrl, can't wait to share my experience with you! So we have an emitment now!

Both girls: DICK SISSES!
by Maoraw October 14, 2019
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Emitism is a disease you get if you believed this was a real disease
"What is Emitism?"-Jack
"I'm not sure, let me look it up"-Jill
"You've got Emitism"-Jack

How to avoid getting Emitism

"What's Emitism"-Dyke
"It's not real"-Cunt
by Emitism is real March 9, 2017
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