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(new路cum路er) noun
1. A new person to an AA meeting.
2. Vulnerable person who is new to a group.
3. Someone preyed upon by old timers.
4. Easy target for thieves, rapists and murderers.
1. Jane was a newcomer at the nightly AA meeting, and was quickly hit on by Bill W.
2. Being a newcomer to Alcoholics Anonymous, Jane choose a door knob as a higher power and Bill W. as her sponsor.
by JR Harris March 31, 2011
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Now it's the end of the week; it is time for fredagsmys!
by popsicle power June 19, 2011
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Did you hear Jon finally did the deed with his girlfriend?

Yeah the guy's finally a newcomer.
by MikeT June 02, 2013
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Someone who is too gay to admit their true feelings for another gay person. Eats out the butt daily. Cockshining, buttpirate, gaypride fuckbudy, fudgepacker, cumguzzling, spermfountain, cumdumpster.
"Did you hear about that guy who got soft during sex?"
"Yeah, he must be a Newcomer"
by Torland1993 March 18, 2010
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Amanda was so tight, she HAD to be a NEWcomer, dude.

bootyanalvaginalwhorelooseimpureturd burglarpenetrationpenis
by El Sexydorian July 14, 2011
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