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1: It's like lemonade, but with added sexual agenda
2: A lemonade so good it makes you wanna have sex NOW!
"Boy this juice is so good, dare I call it sexorade?!"
"Nah boii, that's more like a gatorade right there.... mmm still ok"

"Would you ever sleep with my wife, Rebecca?"
"Ugh, yeah well... Maybe after 3 sexorades or something!"

"Bro I think my lemonade is coming unto me!"
"Omg bro, it's totally flirting! What a sexorade!!"
by Maoraw July 21, 2017
Kasper, or Casper, is a personal name derived from Chaldean that means "Treasurer". It's very irrelevant for the people of 2020s possessing the name, but Kaspers are usually very kind and comfortable to be around and befriend.

The best part about Kaspers are how handsome they are! Which is very fortunate as that as occasionally their only redeeming asset. Kasper's tend to be very selfish and uncomfortable in a sexual context. They're very emotional and sentimental beings, but most often times quite selfish. Usually Kaspers have had a very tough upbringing, which is resulting in them having one or multiple personality disorders. Kaspers are outgoing when with friends and at parties, but they also really enjoy solitude and being alone. Kaspers are very opinionated, but they are often good at only airing their opinions in the right company.

Dating a Kasper can be a double-edged sword. They're not noble and honest, and with time they might not be as affectionate as they once were. Sometimes their light will shine, and you'll remember why you started dating them in the first place. Kaspers are magical creatures like that. Whether they had a happy childhood has a huge say in whether they are good people today.
Girl 1: My meatcurtains hurt after a shitty one nighter yesterday...
Girl 2: What was his name?
Girl 1: No clue, don't care. He was friendly and fun.
Girl 2: Sounds like you got skeebadaddled by a Kasper!
by Maoraw March 9, 2021
An emitment is an agreement between two females that it is okay to use a specific guy for sexual pleasure, that the other has previously dated/had sex with. An emitment is made to avoid frustrations and unnecessary jealousy/possesiveness and keep the friendship civil. The best emitments are greeted with a high five and a "DICK SISSES!" shout to celebrate the mutual conquest of that one hot piece of ass.
Girl 1: How do you feel about Brad???
Girl 2: OMG he's so hot!!! I already tapped his dick juice
Girl 1: Really??? Is it good?? Can I have some too???
Girl 2: Sure bbycakez go ahead! His clitlicking game is out of this world!!!
Girl 1: Damn girrrrrl, can't wait to share my experience with you! So we have an emitment now!

Both girls: DICK SISSES!
by Maoraw October 14, 2019

Andreas simply means "Man". It is a name given to children of which the parents lack creativity, and thus must refer to the gender of their crotch goblins.

Andreases are always fun to be around! Most of the time, they are somewhat dangerous as well. You might think of Andreas as a crazy psychopath, but in fact he is just crazy. Andreas are inventors and likes to make weird stuff that goes beep boop and blinks in weird colors. They are SUUUPER creative and can do almost anything with the right tools! Andreases are sexist and has a tendency to call their female friends for BITCH. They have lowkey (secretly high key) gay tendencies, and would hump a body pillow if they could.

In a friend group, Andreas always starts the party. He's a total joker, and is kind of like a dog at times. His toots are very very potent and dangerous and sometimes so wet, you can't be sure if it was just a poot poot or a nasty shard.
Guy 1: Heyyy look at that guy over there, he just made a blinking beer bomb out of eggshells!
Guy 2: Did he just fill it up with booze and rubber ducks?

Guy 1: Wow, he must be an Andreas!
by Maoraw March 12, 2021
A composition of the words "temporary" and "relationship". It is when two, or more parties agrees that a relationship should only be temporary.

As opposed to most people, who are serial monogamists, people who agree to a templationship are aware about their situation.

It is ideal when you know you're not suited or compatible for long term, but you have intense chemistry and enjoy spending time with each other. Templationships are mostly exclusive in nature, but can also not be. It is defined by the people agreeing to it.
Jane: Have you heard? Sarah and Josh are finally dating!
Laura: Yeah, but Josh wants kids down the line, and Sarah has other plans. I am pretty sure they agreed to a templationship!
by Maoraw May 24, 2021
Bue is Danish for "Bow" and not as in the little ribbon kind of thingy, no as in the ARROWSHOOTER. Bue is a male's name in Denmark, and it's super manly because he can shoot arrows into your soul. A Bue is however a creative thinker, prefers to sit by himself and draw stuff and maybe watch cartoons. He is sometimes, but not always the deepest thinker, but he is very intelligent and will always do his best to protect those he care about.
"That's the best guy in the world him over there!"
"Oh? Yeah he must be a Bue!"
by Maoraw July 21, 2017
"Morten" is a name that is surprisingly given to male humans, although the personality of Mortens usually represents that of a puppy. Although the name has its root from "Master of War", most Mortens are usually rather a master of cuddles.

Morten likes to follow you around and spread happiness and joy with jokes and smiles. Overall a Morten will seem like a great guy, although very emotionally immature. He will try his best to make anyone happy, but his selfish needs will always be first priority. Mortens are great to hang out with and befriend, but due to their kiss-ass nature, they will make toxic relations and sometimes become toxic.

Morten's behavior is highly dependant on the people they hang around. Morten does not have much willpower and will let others take the lead in most situations. It is also for the best to never ever indulge in dating a Morten. Even though Morten will be kind, loving and appreciative of you, he will be jealous, lying and cheating as well. Accountability is not something Morten will take, but he will at certain times try to mimic it, if it serves a purpose for him.
Girl 1: Omg that guy is so cute!
Girl 2: IKR? Such a Morten! Don't date him though!
Girl 1: Why?
Girl 2: He has a gf and cheated on her yesterday, he would prolly do it again and not tell her...
Girl 1: Yeah okay that's a very Morten thing to do
by Maoraw July 26, 2020