A kid that does good in school and tries his best but when he gets upset he is very strong and fast but can give up very fast! Fast learner and good worker. Overall good and sexy person that girls love!
-Oh My God! I yesterday I saw Emil and he looked SO HOT!
-I heard he is smart too!

-Emil is SO SEXY
-Yes I know right!
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by Totally true documentarry November 05, 2018
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Me:"hey did you see the new boy? I think his name's Emil."
Friend:"yeah he has a big dick"
by Whydoesyougottaknow August 15, 2017
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1. He's a smart guy. Most of the time Emils can be really boring sometimes.
2. He is an every girls dram. And if you know an Emils you should ask him out. You won't regret it.
3. Emils is a very unique person. If your not shy you can have a very long conversation.
Girl: What's his name?
Girl2: Emils he is really cute.
Girl: I know. I want his number.
by yourbelovedinfo October 29, 2019
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Emil is a russian boy with a very large penis . He is very strong and is very confident .He always makes people laugh .Who ever is dating Emil is very lucky
Do you know Emil -yes I do he’s so funny

Who is Emil -he’s very fit and got a big penis
by -Emil March 16, 2020
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Emil is a Russian sexy boy who has a big dick and is strong af and always makes people laugh when their upset
Oh i need Emil he is my sexy boy

2 girls fight over emil
by Lig my wang October 26, 2018
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