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Molle usually refers to a long haired speed addicted junkie from the poor developed island Fyn. The word is also used as a referance to weed as a coverword so your parents wont know your a junkie to.
Lets go over to Molle he has some Molle.
by Alkoholger July 10, 2008
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MOLLE stands for MOdular. Light weight. Loadbearing. Equipment. Primarily used by Militaries in general, including The US Military, paramilitary orgainizations, as well as Private Military Corporation (PMC). Usually it has space for pouches, such as:Ammo pouches, dump pouches, Admin pouches, ID pouches Pistol Mag pouches, etc. The back has room for a Hydration Carrier, or specific back packs
Hey man, is that a new M.O.L.L.E. rig?
Dude i can't believe all the MOLLE space on this thing! I could put anything on it!
Forget this stupid chest rig!! I'm getting me some MOLLE!!!
by Cpt. Odo November 14, 2011
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MOLLE is a type of web gear used to attach pouches and accessories to a tactical vest, chest rig/rack vest, belt or harness system, etc. MOLLE is used by many different countries' militaries, including the U.S. MOLLE Consists of straps on the backs of pouches that are then weaved through small loops on the vest or whatever you are attaching it to.
1) I just got some new MOLLE Pouches.
2) Hey, is that MOLLE Vest on sale?
3) Is this MOLLE-Compatible?
by Judkinsa May 10, 2009
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Molle is a girl who the people canโ€™t get off of; she may seem nice at first but sheโ€™ll be partying all night with you! Molle is also very loyal to friends and tries her best to be the best friend she can.
Molle is my best friend!
by Drsquidward July 09, 2018
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