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A small section of the Town of Milton, bordering Quincy.

East Milton is amazing. Everyone from here is loved, because if your Irish, you fit right in. The boys from East Milton are gorgeous, and the girls are as Easy as they come. Boys from Southie, Dorchester & Quincy will often come to East Milton because they know they will get it in if they come here.

East Milton and Quincy have a big Rivalry. Fist Fights go down almost every weekend. Stabbing have happened.

Sometimes reffered to as The E or Emil, or EM.
quincy boy: east milton sucks....

by queens11 January 03, 2012
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The East Side of Milton, bordering on Quincy. Notable features include woods where straight up zeebin goes down, because they never heard of using someone's house, so kids always get arrested and shit. They have their own language.
Whaatup, dude? You zoobin?
Yah, you?
Yah dude, creepin at the Emod
Rep the E!
East Milton!
by This kid right here April 16, 2007
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Milton is a small town in Massachusetts. It's divided into two sides: East and West. Middle school boys are constantly arguing over whether "East is beast" or "West is best".

You'll find your stereotypical nice homes and families in East Milton. West Milton residents often call East Milton residents snobby but thats not completely true. Emil, just another slang term for East Milton, is filled with complete studs and the easiest girls. Because none of these people have ever heard of a house party, they hit up the Woods. As usual the cops show up and some of them get arrested, but this doesn't stop them. They're also known for the dumbest slang in all of Massachusetts. Overall, they know how to party but a ton of them are dumb as bricks.
Dude 1: "Yo, man, today Chad got blown by Stacy and Lindsay in the bathroom"
Dude 2: "Haha, anyways you coming to the woods tonight?"
Dude 1: "Totally dude, this is East Milton! What else would we do on a Friday night?"
by ihatehairlesscatz April 27, 2017
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