Emil is cute, nice , sweet and would do anything for his love ones , He alsos Likes Smoking Weed
Lydia: Emil is the oneπŸ˜πŸ’
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by Angel Gonzalea November 24, 2019
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The average bengali looking dude..... mostly employed in the construction sector. Usually the butt of all jokes, he is most likely to snake out on friends. Generally fakes his accent to seem cool, but isn't really cool.
"Hey John, stop acting like Emil"
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by cule123049 September 17, 2020
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The biggest simp to ever walk the earth. He will leave his bros to hang out with a girl. He will also go back to a girl that treated him badly.
Guy 1. Bro you should not go back to that Chick dude!
Emil 2 yes.
by James charles xoxoooxoxoxo gfa October 06, 2020
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She is very smart and will always be ready to help you or talk to you. She is very loving and she is loud when she talks to people she is comfortable around. Emil is quite an introvert ,but talk to you whenever you want.
Hello Emil
by Amaezn September 11, 2020
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A really cool girl who gets excited easily. She brings life to any room and everybody feels happier around her. An Emil can always keep a conversation going. Shes gorgeous and lighthearted, its impossible not to like her. She worries easily but shes always there for her friends. she looks innocent on the outside but as soon as you attack her or her friends the savage side comes out and shes ruthless. Emils are the realest of real so if you find one keep her close.
β€œDamn shes ruthless, she was so innocent”
β€œThats Emil for you”
by eggyyoku March 18, 2018
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Emil's are often gay and usually have the penis size of a rat. There usually blonde and stay virgins until their cousins decide its time for them to lose it. Emil's are stupid and rarely are known as single as they have 1 or more imaginary girlfriends.
Look at that Emil, he must be talking to his imaginary girlfriend.
that guy has a small penis it must be a Emil
by fifthnite January 23, 2019
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