Elon Musk is a stupid fucking piece of shit who profits off slavery, fascist imperalist military coups, child labour, and apartheid. He is entitled, transphobic and abuses his partners. Oh, also, he fires people for unionising.
"God, Elon Musk is such a dick."
by altervt September 10, 2020
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(Verb) 1. Pretending to further the cause of an entity/community while secretly pursuing a personal agenda.

(Noun) 2. Someone who is outwardly benevolent but selfish in action.
3. Short form for elongated muskrat.

Variants: Elon, Musk
"They think I'm helping them advertise the apartment because I'm a friend but they don't know I'm about to pull an Elon Musk on them"

"He chased away potential buyers from my apartment while pretending to help just so he could buy the apartment himself at a low price. He's such an Elon"
by Alien Anthropologist May 13, 2021
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A badass motherfucker who smokes weed on a podcast with zero shits given. Elon also owns Space X, an autistic space company trying to fly to the red planet mars bar to colonise and house the planet...in 200 years. I wouldn’t recommend messing with this cool ass mother fucker otherwise he will buy your unsuccessful company and make you say Asta La Vista to your whole lifes work.
Elon Musk: Steve Irwin was a legend.
Peta:He harmed animals and we don’t appreciate that!
Also Peta:*deleted*
by _NotEllis_ March 2, 2019
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When someone arrives too late to the party
"Hey guys! I'm here with a submerine!"

"Ah what an Elon Musk! Party's over mate, go home. And don't leave the submerine lying around, it's a hazard"
by Correcto July 21, 2018
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The death of Texas.

The final nail in the coffin for the Lone Star State.
Person 1: "Elon Musk is moving Tesla here to Texas bring in jobs! What a hero!"

Person 2: "Elon Musk is moving to Texas because there is almost nothing, in terms of rules and regulations, that makes employers legally responsible for their employees. It's why large manufacturing corporations have been moving to Texas from blue states in droves since around 2005."

Person 2: "You're just a socialist who hates the rich. Fox News and the AM radio warned me about people like you."

Person 1: "When you get fired immediately after breaking your back or losing an appendage at one of these recently relocated former blue state industrial complexes, don't call me up and ask me to drive you to the hospital."
by James R Clobum June 8, 2021
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The absolute legend that trolled us by naming his son “X Æ A-12” after smoking enough weed to fill one of his rockets
Elon Musk: I wonder what to name our son
Grimes: somthn normal like John or Andy
Elon: I was thinking more like X Æ A-12. Isn’t that great?
Grimes: da fuck wrong witchu get outta here before I beat ur ass
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