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radio where old people go to talk, fm radio is where the good music's at
Barbara: hey sweetie listen to this am radio
John (her grandson): okay let me hear. *listens for 3.14 seconds* *hears friday by rebecca black*
John: oh what the fuck is this?

Barbara: oh you dont like it? well how abo-
John: bake me some cookies grandma!
Barbara: but what about yummy by-
by mousemaster23 February 12, 2020
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A primitive version of "Netflix and chill", which older generations did and what some hipsters still do.
little kid: "Grandpa, where did I come from?"
Grandpa: "Well kid you're grandma and I made whoopee in the back of a station-wagon to the sound of sweet static that was part of AM radio and chill, which led to your daddy, which led to you!"

Guy: "Hey we could Netflix and chill"
Hipster girl: "I'm more of an AM radio and chill kind of person"
Guy: "If you say so, Daisy Buchanan..."
by Ted C. October 7, 2015
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