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A state that voted for the presidential canidate from the Democratic party. It would appear on a map as blue, while Republican-leaning states appear as red; a red state. This term, though new in its invention (circa 2000), does not have any exlusive relationship to a specific date or any single election: it is realitive.
Americans cannot understand abstract concepts unless they have corresponding colors. Thank you CNN for making us blue.
by edp828 May 11, 2005
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A euphemism for Democratic-voting states in the 2004 election, particularly in reference to the Northeast and West Coast.

Ironically, these states also have:

A) Most of the lowest crime rates in the nation.
B) The lowest divorce rates in the nation.
C) The highest quality of life in the nation.
D) The lowest ratio of federal aid to tax dollars paid in the nation.
The "blue states" may have their faults, but they outstrip the "red states" by most accounts.
by Shreve Lamb and Harmon September 21, 2005
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Solidly Democratic-voting states in the 2004 election who subsidize the red states with unfair distributions of tax revenue.

For every tax dollar that Alabama pays, it receives $2.03 in federal aid.

For every tax dollar that California pays, it receives 81 cents in federal aid.
As for you, Midwestrn Soldier: how hypocritical that you bitch about the supposed "ignorance" of "blue-staters" when many of the definitions that you've posted are just as hate-filled and vicious as you claim the "liberals" are. Is this typical behavior for you guys in the "red states"? I'm asking since I don't want to make assumptions and stoop to your level.
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Includes the entire West Coast and Hawaii; consists of the entire Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states; and most of the Upper Midwest, except for Iowa and the Dakotas. The states are usually full of the following:
--People who might actually have a different opinion that what Bush says.
--People who don't have to promote their religious beliefs to know they have them.
--People who use intelligent rebuttles to conflicting arguments other than "you fag!"
--People who have taste in music and art that does not soley deal with the subject of "loving neocons no matter what or else we'll kick your ass!"
--People who pay the taxes that subsidize the red states.
--People who are tolerant of other cultures outside of WASPdom.
--Believe in the equality of all men and women.
by The Northeastern Defender February 24, 2005
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Morgan Quitno's rankings of the states with the highest crime rates, starting with the most dangerous. Asterisks (*) denote red states which voted Republican in the 2004 election:

1. Nevada*
2. Louisiana*
3. Arizona*
4. Maryland
5. South Carolina*
6. Florida*
7. Tennessee*
8. Alaska*
9. New Mexico
10. California
11. Texas*
12. Michigan
13. Georgia*
14. Oklahoma*
15. Delaware
16. Illinois
17. Mississippi*
18. North Carolina*
19. Alabama*
20. Washington
21. Missouri*
22. Kansas*
23. Ohio*
24. Colorado*
25. Hawaii
26. Kansas*
27. Indiana*
28. Oregon
29. Massachusetts
30. Pennsylvania
31. New York
32. New Jersey
33. Rhode Island
34. Utah*
35. Nebraska*
36. Minnesota
37. Kentucky*
38. Virginia*
39. Connecticut
40. Montana*
41. Idaho*
42. Wisconsin
43. Iowa*
44. West Virginia*
45. Wyoming*
46. South Dakota*
47. New Hampshire
48. Maine
49. Vermont
50. North Dakota*
Of the first 10 states (most dangerous) on the list, only three were "blue states."

Of the first 25, 17 were red states.

Of the last 10 states (safest) on the list, only four were "blue states," yet most of the "red states" with the exception of Iowa, Idaho and West Virginia have populations below a million and are sparsely populated.

Of the last 25, 13 were red states.
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NON-BIASED DEFINTION: In recent years, in the U.S. only, a blue state has come to mean a state that traditionally votes Democrat, as opposed to a red state which traditionally votes Republican.

In the past, media would use maps with red for one party and blue for the other, with no set standard. The current trend was set during the 2000 Presidential election, when NBC used it. The race was very close, and because of this, Tim Russert was often heard to say things like "Bush needs x more red states in order to win, and Gore needs x more blue states in order to win." Because the coverage was being watched so intently by so many people, the color scheme stuck, and is now used by all networks.

What many people don't realize is that this color scheme is actually the opposite of traditional political colors. Red has always been associated with socialism and communism (i.e. extreme forms of liberalism) as seen on flags of countries such as the P.R.C., the U.S.S.R., and the D.P.R.K. On the other hand, blue is most often associated with conservatism, and sometimes facism (i.e. the extreme form of conservatism). Most nations still use this color scheme.

It may be that NBC assigned these colors at random, or it may be because Republican and red both start with R. Neither party has officially adopted these colors. This color scheme has often led to confusion when residents of other countries see a political map of the U.S. or hear Americans discussing red states versus blue states.
When I hear the term "blue state" I automatically think of the United States or the United Kingdom, not New York or California. And when I hear "red state" I think of China or North Korea, not Texas or Utah. It's such a pet peeve that the U.S. got red state and blue state backwards!
by klopek007 November 11, 2009
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States full of people who voted for John Kerry in the last election. Unfortunatly we were forced to vote for Kerry because the Democratic party are big pussies and wont give us a decent candidate and everybody in the nation is too scared to vote for an independent candidate. I decided to list a definition for blue state after reading another definition where some ass listed a bunch of reasons blue states suck. After reading said list i said out loud "Damn its good to be a blue state."

All in all "South Park" was right: we had to choose between a douche and a shit sandwhich.
Eventhough I live in a Blue State I'm still surrounded by red neck assholes who just don't get it!
by The Dark Lord of Bass October 10, 2005
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