I just saw Elon Musk give a speech and jfc!

Indeed, he is God.
by JC Status January 30, 2016
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When you attack a project, or life in general, with a I'm-gonna-save-the-world-and-run-everything-with-batteries mindset.
Neighbor 1: What's up?

Neighbor 2: This dude just gave everyone in the neighborhood solar panels. He's elon musking!
by HiFi8o November 20, 2016
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A synonym for glossophobia.

The fear of public speaking, that causes a person to become very nervous during it and destroys their ability to even have a conversation in front of a crowd without pausing every 2 miliseconds.
-Dude I was trying to give a speech in my class and I was so nervous I almost pissed my pants.
-Oh, so you were Elon Musking?
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Fucking god, he plants trees and sends electric powered vroom vrooms to space
by Shrek&onions November 04, 2019
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A disease common among Elon’s twitter followers who think that they can change the world just by smoking weed, investing in a stupid currency and skipping college.
Hey that guy just put his life savings in doge coin, he has a serious case of elon musk syndrome.
by Littlejoey96 February 23, 2021
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