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A loner.

Lone Star, meaning what it says. A person who is usually alone or independent and enjoys their own company. Fits best if you are born in/from Texas.
by Isis Inanna November 04, 2009
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1. v. To fail epically despite being previously hyped and acclaimed.

2. v. To disappear immediately from the collective consciousness without warning.

3. n. A reputable person with superior skills, but terrible luck.

Based upon the immensely popular and long-running television series, "Lone Star".
The biggest lonestar of 1986 was Bill Buckner.
by Vance Platinum October 27, 2010
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A Lone Star is not from Texas. A Lone Star is someone who has only had sex with one person in their life.
I want to marry him and be a Lone Star
by Soulbrave22 July 14, 2010
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The most awesome country band of all time. And don't say they stink, *cough cough Francesca cough* cause they don't. Really. Why would I lie to you?
Your mom is not as awesome as Lonestar.
by Sabu April 24, 2005
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Another term for a Texan, more specifically someone considered badass or hardcore Texan.
You don't mess with that lonestar man... he's at least 6 foot 5 and twice as mean.

Didja see that Pat Greene concert last night? Man, he is lonestar dude...
by JRobertson November 19, 2008
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A high-end private security company or one of its (usually armed) security officers.
I heard that Raven transportation hired a lone star for that freight depot they just built in town.
by Doctor Truth November 07, 2007
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