When you're trying to walk passed someone in the street and you manoeuvre into their peripheral-vision so as to make them feel uncomfortable and move out of the way.
When in London and the pavement is crowded (and the person in front is slow - with nowhere to overtake), you "elk" (or make the "elking" movement) into someones side-view so they slow down, move out of your way, and let you past (usually without them realising the magic ninja skills you have displayed).
by bainsteven February 21, 2011
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To party hard with friends. When you go out and drink, you are considered to be elking. Short hand names that can be used are elkin' or simply to elk. In order to make it official, you must raise your hand to the side of your head with your thumb, pointer, and middle fingers extended so as to create an "antler effect." The name can also be derived from alcohol, since the word elk sounds like the beginning of alcohol.
"Dude we are gonna elk so hard tonight!"

"Hey we are elking tomorrow so get pumped!"

"Is there going to be elking at the party tonight?"

"I'm so hung over from elkin' last night."
by Al Bombgarden June 19, 2011
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