A parasite that kills, destroys everything in its path over a long period of time. It is ignorant and doesn't listen to reason eventually eradicating all signs of life due to its stupidity and unreasonable attitude. This parasite is the worst thing that happened to earth since Eve ate that damn apple.
Woolly Mammoth 1: "Did you hear about that new species called "Human Beings"?"
Woolly Mammoth 2: "Ya, i hear there really stupid and ignorant"
Woolly Mammoth 1: "I know, huh? I bet you they will try to change things and become the ultimate destroyers of our world"
Woolly Mammoth 2: Ya. Probably by some kind of exploding invention that can destroy millions of lives in seconds"
by Dick Ishard September 3, 2009
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An entity who carries stories the way other entities carry bits of twig or children with big eyes or a carapace.. I cannot say the human being has a set of appendages or that he or she has language. It's not about that. It's not about movement. It's not about sounds that are held in the body. When I boil up a human being (which is horrible to think about, I'm sorry), I get: narrative. As the distinguishing trait.
I mean, she broke up with me, but she broke up with me in the morning. She was a real human being about it, you know? She spent the night.
by Bhanu: A Failed Novelist January 16, 2008
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Human beings are animals. We should not be forced to work or go to school, neither be sexualized by nudity or shoulders. We are animals we shouldn’t even be wearing clothes that’s not how it was intended to be so stfu about my bra strap showing hoe
Human beings really be dumb.
by Wereallhoesontheinside May 30, 2018
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The only thing on the Planet that's capable of evil
Animals, people, and the whole fucking planet are only abused by human beings
by AMM4 December 23, 2020
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somebody who gives a fuck about something other than them self.
That person is genuinely nice. What a decent human being.
by ilexwashere August 16, 2011
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A free thinker, says what’s true; the opposite of a NPC
“Yo why did you get banned on Twitter?”

“Idk I guess they just don’t allow real human beings anymore”
by Anon gamer May 31, 2021
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