An elk is an extra-terrestrial animal often containing some demi-god like power in their community. They are always in charge and finish their science tests in under 2 minutes because their brain has evolved 2 steps in front of an average human being's. An elk often contains a trace of toxic mass from their home world in outer-space.
Elk is being so sweaty he finished his science test in under a minute!
by SlitheryJoshL November 21, 2019
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AKA Wapiti by native americans, Large deer like animal standing up to 6 feet tall, weighing 1000lbs and having extremely large antlers. Very popular big game animal in the western United States.
californian; Look a deer!
Idahoan; You dumbass thats an Elk!
by Deer_stalker8*cowboyfromhell January 26, 2009
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Used to describe a woman with a large rack.
Hey, check out that elk over there.

Did you see what The Elk is wearing today?
by pedicabber May 15, 2005
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An animal that resembles a deer. They are a prized by Mr. Hinckle. The elk is extremely intelligent and are good inventors. They have constructed many gadgets for Hinckle and are currently working on a way for him to have a 3 million chicken farm. They are also in his special forces units and are helping him to overthrow the world. If you see an Elk, follow it for it may lead you to Hinckle's secret lair. If so, contact everyone you can so we can once and for all defeat Mr. Hinckle!!!
I found an Elk in my cereal.
by poop March 27, 2003
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A character from the .hack games.

He's so hot... ^_^
Bud Have you seen elk?
Me Yea he's so hot...
by ElkAndCS October 2, 2004
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Aside from being a moose-like animal. The word elk can be used to replace any swear word, if only for a random comedic effect.
Person 1: "What the elk?"
Person 2: "Yeah! What the el--- wait, what?"
by blekdar November 7, 2007
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When you eat fish and some if it's bones got stuck on your throat.
Help me! I'm choki- elk elk elk- Water! Water!
by MoShellshocker November 4, 2018
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