An Elf Shoe is a description of a certain shape of a turd. Usually the turd is long and thin and curled at the end, resembling an "Elf Shoe".
Phil walked into the bathroom stall at his work when he was thoroughly disgusted when he witnessed an elf shoe shaped turd resting on the bottom of the toilet bowl.
by hugedumps February 4, 2010
A slightly upwardly curved titty. These were prominent in the 70's and early 80's but can still periodically be seen hangin around in todays culture. They are also known as Quarter Moons, Banana Tits, Thumbnail Titties, and Uppercuts.
I love Abby's little Elf Shoes. They compliment her heart shaped ass quite nicely.
by thefallingdream January 19, 2010
a manly girl that has boobs that come to a point, much like elf shoes.
"eww, I've never seen elf-shoes like that before!"
by Bud n' Doyal October 17, 2005
elf shoes are wen ur tits point upwards and form the shape of a elf's shoe
lauren giamaria
by elf shoe hunter November 21, 2003
What your dick looks like, covered in shit after fucking a girl in the ass.
There was so much shit on my dick it looked like an elf shoe.
by Caeke January 12, 2005
When a chicks nips point at an upward angle making her tits look like a pair of elf shoes.

Timo: Look at me! I needz me sum sizzle.

Jeff: Dat Latina has some tiny tittays.

Timo: She probably rockin' dem Elf Shoes.

(or She's got Elf Shoe Tits.)

Jeff: Aight, lez get some donuts.
by caeser February 14, 2008
A woman's breasts that have the similar curviture to the shoes commonly worn by elves. They start out straight and slightly curve upward
guy 1: "Did you see her boobs at the party last night?"

guy 2: "Yeah,kinda wished i hadn't, she had elf shoe tits"
by KEITH ST0NE June 5, 2011