Abby hides a lot because she doesn't want people to worry about her but she tells one person EVERYTHING and puts everyone before herself. She's very insecure about her body and what people think about her. She's a VERY emotional girl and is wild and fun around her bestfriends. She might seem shy at first but if you get close to her, you see the monster side of her. She's insane, clingy, loving, beautiful, amazing, smart, funny, and so much more. She cracks up over the littlest things. Abby's usually has blue/grayish eyes and brown/blonde hair. She can be annoying at times and loving at others. She's just amazing. Abby gets annoyed easily.......a little to easily. Get yourself an Abby, you are gonna need her BUT she does not listen to anybody's advice!
I need myself an Abby
by allhappysmiles January 22, 2019
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Where to start? She’s the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen, and I mean that. She’s so funny, so unbelievably smart, so freaking caring and a little too nice. She never fails to make you feel better. She doesn’t even realize how much you need her or how much she means to you and you really wish she did. She deserves nothing but happiness and if I could give her every ounce of mine I would. She’s a total badass, she’s literally so hot. Too bad she doesn’t have the confidence yet to realize it. To any of the Abbi’s reading this, things will get better, you will be happy one day. Whatever you are going through right now just know that you are loved, even if you don’t believe. If it’s any consolation I want you here, I NEED you here, so please stay. I love you.
That girl is an absolute GODDESS, she must be an Abbi. :)
by Yoursillylitlesoulmate November 19, 2020
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abby is the name of a beautiful girl. she will always have your back, and would never talk bad about you. she kind, caring, sweet, and the most amazing girl you’ll ever meet. if you meet an abby, DONT lose her
girl: who’s that?
boy: that’s abby
girl: oh i’ve heard of them, i’m going to go talk to her
by jamieblade5900 October 21, 2019
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A dedicated and pretty girl but when she is bored she searches her name on urban dictionary
Who doesn't love Abbie
by Thisperson98765 June 25, 2014
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Abbie tends to surround herself with people that usually hurt her but she keeps positive she's bubbly,lovely,sweet,very intellectual although she tries to hide it and totally bonkers but you couldn't possibly let her go she's brunette and pretty usually players think there playing her or think she's in love with them but it's usually the other way around you'll be in love with her and you won't even know it,if you have her don't let her go or you'll soon regret it as abbie has a very icy side you want to avoid her well she can be the ice queen.Usually prefers blondes but doesn't mind the browns and the odd ginger,can be very athletic and sporty but loves a good sit down in front of the telly and a plate full of food,don't hurt an abbie as they are so delicate as much as they try to hide it,she's very loyal and cares deeply for her friends and family and is very protective if you're in a relationship with abbie she's very passionate and adventurous so don't let her go
"Wow abbie is a great kisser"
by urbandictionarrotor May 26, 2014
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Abbys are usually very laid back and relaxed girls, but can be very goal driven if the goal benefits them or those they care about greatly. They are always determined to get their point across to others and usually succeed in doing so. They can come across as dumb or lost, but as you get to know them, you will discover that they are very sweet, intelligent and loving. Abbys always know when someone has a problem with her, no matter how small it is, and will almost always overthink and stress about it!
Abbys enjoy getting to know new people, building friendships and shopping. They have a smile that could light up a whole room and their presence is enough to make everyone happy and excited for no proper reason!Everyone they speak to usually ends up being their bestfriend! They are very hard not to like, and loosing her would be the biggest mistake you ever make. Once you are on her bad side it will be very hard for you to redeem yourself .
Abbys make amazing girlfriends and are desired by many boys at a time - their bubbly personality, hot and sexy figure, gorgeous face, beautiful scent and luscious hair are only a few things that make them perfect and drive everyone insane! She will stay loyal and faithful to you as long as you do to her! She loves hugs and physical affection from anyone, but especially from her man.
If you ever get to know an Abby, you are one of the luckiest people on this planet!
Bethany: Have you seen that girl over there? She seems very pretty but very quiet..
Janae: Oh yeah, that's Abby, she has a beautiful smile and such a lovely personality!

Emma: Abby's amazing! We've only been talking for 2 weeks and we're already bestfriends! I wish I could be like her

Nathan: Woah is that Abby
Harry: Yeah, she's so stunning, beautiful and funny but she has a boyfriend
Nathan: I'm not suprised, he's the luckiest boy alive to have her
Harry: I know right man
by cherylsprouse August 4, 2018
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an abby is a funny, sassy, and beautiful girl. usually really insecure and doesn't understand how amazing she is. she tries to be friends with everybody, but you wouldnt want her to be in a fight with you, kitty's got claws. she has many friends but doesn't realize it. people line up to talk to her. she hasn't had many relationships but those she have been in have been imporrtant to her .
Guy1: Damn look at that abby! she's gorgeous!
Guy2: Yeah, everybody wants to get with her. too bad she has too much dignity for that.
by jake2468 December 27, 2011
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