a) an exclamatory phrase used to portray any and all emotions, or lack thereof.

b) the extremely overused but beloved saying created by Rico 'Optimus Prime' Restirino.

c) often followed by the phrase 'n shit.

d) The awkward literal meaning, which refers to feces, and genitalia. (usually after fucking a bitch in her ass)
Derek: Rico you just got ur head blown off in CoD 5.
Rico: yeah i suck
Nate: Shit on ur dick rico
Rico: yeahhh shit all over my dick 'n shit


*just stubbed toe*
"Shit on my dick!!"

*just fucked a bitch in the ass*
"Shit on my dick! anal is DIRTY"
by TheGorillaMist January 5, 2009
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Prison slang referring to anal sex.
"Shit on my dick or blood on my blade." In the film "Cruising".
by raydio February 17, 2006
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Phrase for showing dissappointment or anger toward a situation, simliar to "fuck me susan".
Max: Hurry up i gotta be at work in 5 minutes.
Dan: Fuck, im out of gas.
Max: Shit on my dick!
by TrippinBallz July 16, 2008
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this is a phrase of astonishment, the statement is so ridiculous that it must mean bewilderment
by leefvc April 2, 2009
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to take a poo on your wank.
i was sitting in my house when sandy came over and took a shit on my dick.
by danika March 17, 2005
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a phrase that is used to express extreme or intense frustration.
Traveler: I would like a Snickers bar please.
Ice Cream Vendor: 2,30 Euros.
Traveler: Shit on my dick!! I only have 1 Euro.
Ice Cream Vendor: Oh! You guys speak English?
by Murphinator May 6, 2008
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