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Timo is a cute,smart,funny,nice guy. If a girl has a crush on Timo, she's on a good track. Timos are sensitive but also manly. Timos are also GREAT in bed.
girl 1: oh my God, Timo and I fucked the whole night long
girl 2: how was it?
girl 1: it was wonderful! Timo's penis is huge!
girl 2: cool! can I join?
by jaxon99992 February 21, 2010
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Timo, commenly known as a sexy male with a massive penis and huge balls that all the chicks want to taste his sasauge. Timo(Tim)
girl1: mmmm, i tasted timo's sausage last night.
girl2: how was it.
girl1: i didnt get to the end it was that huge!
by John Patason May 17, 2008
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The guy everyone wants to bang. TIMO! short for timothy. all hail timo!
girl1: hey, did you see Timo? he looks especially hot today.
girl2: hell yea, i wanna bang him. *girls go and bang Timo*
by jolie February 23, 2005
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Timo is wnb gang gang but also they are sweet and nice they can really can love and thay have big heart and huge dick;) if you are crush on timo you have to work on it to get him and remember to keep him he's such a jack pot !
What timo is like
by Hiding of you April 02, 2018
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popular landlord of clactons maddest pub . limping dad of 3, guiness swilling , meat raffle scaming man at c&a .drives a mystry machine vw bus enough said ! LOVED BY ALL
"its a local pub for local people "
oi timo , 5 mint aero,s and a bag of scratchers mate .
by the queens outsider January 11, 2005
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