Going to great lengths to state a point with gusto, barely checked facts and annoying repetition, only to volte face at first sign of opposition
Edwina claimed a big win at Cheltenham but as usual couldn’t back it up. What an elf.
by Chipleader Hero March 17, 2021
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Elf-it (verb) is to bluff to someone you love that you watched their favourite Christmas movie with them. Convincing them you watched it by describing it as "Christmassy" when it clearly is not "Christmassy".

This term is now used in general conversation when you have told a white lie: you elfed-it/to elf-it
Stuart was so busy eating Chinese food that he didn't watch the film that Susie had asked him to watch with her. She knew he'd elf-it and she was correct. Stuart sat on a "throne of lies".
by Sharkey & Bubbles March 19, 2022
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Stands for EverLasting Friends, the official fanclub of the 13 membered Korean boyband, Super Junior. Established after Kyuhyun, was added as the final member, and Super Junior was finalized as a group. Also written as E.L.F. or elf.

Fans wave pearl sapphire blue lightsticks or balloons at Super Junior concerts because it is the club's official color.
E.L.F: Do you know any other ELF going to the Super Show II in Singapore?
by gentleman mimi March 16, 2010
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a thing that helps santa make toys a christmas
ily elf
by sharks28 October 26, 2016
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(E.L.F) stands for every ladies fantasy.
A group of only Elitist.
Put here on earth to satisfy women in anyway necessary.
We are skilled in the art of seduction... All we do is scheme and we scheme to get what we want.
Elf is not just a group, its a life style, and we shall stand by that life style. Our goal/objective is to stand by our NAME and give every woman 100% satisfaction GUARANTEED! ELfs up!

Originated in Ruston Louisiana.
Ordinary guy 1: Dude I showed up only 30 minutes late to that party and all the girls had already went to a room, each with a different guy! There was no girls left!

Ordinary guy 2: There must've been a gang of Elfs come through here. I'm so jealous of em.
by Grand Elf A.K.A. Dylan Windsor December 16, 2008
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when you pass out at a party or your house (pretty much anywhere you're with people) with your shoes on, and the people awake fuck you up! they might draw all over your face, spray paint your shoes, take hilarious photos of you in embarrassing poses, all while you're passed out. the possibilities of burning you are endless.
"oh, god, I drank too many sea breezes last night and woke up with a hitler mustchace sharpied on my face. i was Elfed up good."
by corodey November 29, 2007
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A domestic terrorist group in North America. Consists of young adults who are still living with (and off) their parents and desperately need to get a life. These individuals often posed as well informed ecology buffs but are actually to stupid to become useful to society in the medical or scientific community.
Jason was having a really good time belonging to ELF, torching cars and brand-new homes until the day his trust-fund would kick in.
by ponderpoint December 24, 2006
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