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Cocksucking assholes who choose to let words in that mean absolutley jack shit but when given an actual definition used by society in a rural town they piss on it.
"Your submission has been reviewed by editors. Editors chose to not publish your submission."

"Fuck'n Editors"
by Fuck Editors January 31, 2006
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Stubborn fuck-asses on Urban Dictionary who usually approve words with definitions that make little to no sense, but as for words that have the best definitions, they like to shit on it.
God dammit, editors. I tried to add like a million words in UD and you fuck asses couldn't approve just ONE!!! Fuck you, editors.
by Ronald McMuscles March 30, 2013
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a group of incompetent assholes who review the submissions of definitions here on urban dictionary. is it really necesary to have over 350 definitions for the word penis? the majority of the definitions on this site either repeat exactly what another definition says or they don't even add a single intelligent thought to the word being defined and is irrelevant. the fact that that i've written legitimate definitions to words that have not been defined yet further proves the editors' stupidity.
"i wrote a definition on urban dictionary to a word that hasn't been defined yet and the editors did not approve. i guess i'll just add a new definition for penis. 'the boy version of a vagina.' lol. this will never get approved but i'll send it anyway."
a couple days later.
"oh, well what do you know? my definition for penis got approved. the editors must have down syndrome or something. good for them, then."
by MrBashTheBashMan January 16, 2013
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A bunch of fuck heads that decide whether or not words are published on UD. They take several weeks to "review" a word, and most likely just "chose to not publish your word" without telling you why. Just like they "chose to not publish" this word.

urban dictionary: "Define your world" ok.

This word will not get published, Yea I know.
Users: Can you publish my word?
Editors: Yea if you give me your credit card number.
by Yea Fuck You Too January 10, 2008
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1) The hard-working folks entrusted with reviewing all submissions to Urban Dictionary. They're not perfect, but bless their hearts, they do a darn good job at the end of the day. We should all thank the editors by buying them beer and sex.

2) The dickholes who thought they were too good to publish your definition. Hopefully their skin will fall off.
Did the editors approve your submission yet?
by Calico Kitsune November 26, 2006
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Something you can become with one click of a mouse.

Maybe having the ability for ANYONE to become an editor wasn't a very good idea, huh?
There are very few editors who actually do their job right and deny and accept the right definitions.
by skychasma September 13, 2016
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