A hypernym for "Fucking," but with a certain dialect.
Whut up man! Last nite I wus fuck'n my gurlfriend and now I gotz a pregger!
by Dan Nawor May 29, 2009
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An exclamation used when anything, good OR bad happens.

There is never a bad time to use the phrase "Fuck'n A".
Guy: "Dude! I heard you copped some fatty dome from your friends mom last night! Good work!"
You: "Fuck'n A man, you know I did!"


Friend: "Bro, you sucked off a goat in a drunken rage last night... And you still got some skeet on your douche goggles..."
You: "AWWW, FUCK'N A why didn't you stop me?"
by =>mittens<= May 1, 2009
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Wanting to know who's Fuck'n.

Wanting to fuck
Asking who the fuck is Fuck'n
Either Fuck'n or not
Some kind of sexual relation
Be a man and ask who's Fuck'n
You putting out?
Want some fuck?

Penis inside a hole
Fill her ass up
Who the hells Fuck'n? That's all we need to know.

Who's Fuck'n?

Who's really Fuck'n?
by Kevin Kandle November 22, 2018
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A person who is called this is the SHITT!!! They got it going on!!
Your the whole fuck'n show and u know it!
by Megan5679 September 25, 2009
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