to stick to something, whether through loyalty, following rules, or the use of an adhesive.
you must adhere to the law or you will be fined.
by songbird91 June 13, 2010
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The endless task of doing what you don't want to with a regular rhythm (taking meds) Failure to do so will end up with upset pharmacist chasing you down and sticking to you until you do
taking HIV drugs, failing to do it on time / do it at all, is a lack of adherence which will upset pharmacists
by the-point-of-it-all November 3, 2010
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Difficulty with label
Incorrect prescription
Feeling better

Peer pressure
Confusing instructions
Unaware of consequences
Complicated regimen

religious beliefs
Taste of medication
Prefer other medicine

Don’t trust it

Side effects
Internet or claims from other people

You can improve a patient’s adherence by simplifying regimen characteristics which will make sure that it isn’t overly complicated and the patient won’t stop taking the medication because it’s instructions are confusing to them.

Imparting knowledge to the patient will allow the patient to understand and be aware of the consequences and might make them trust it more.

Modifying patient beliefs will target specific intentional reasons why the patient stops taking medication and provide the patient with a medication that tailors the unique needs for them..

Patient communication involves the patient's family and includes them for social support and understanding like helping younger or elderly patients take their medications in case they cannot do it by themselves.

You can help the patient to trust the medication more by changing the education and information to the patients level of understanding
Patient adherence is preventing the patient from taking their medication.
by Nairobi1994 November 2, 2020
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