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Japan Break Industries is quite possibly the single greatest advertisement jingle ever created. It is found most frequently in the form of a eurobeat song with engrish lyrics, advertising a Japanese demolition company named--you guessed it--Japan Break Industries. If it wasn't already awesome enough, the lyrics- they- you- ...you just have to watch it. (YouTubeID qs6BiPwqBU0)
Hammer of Justice high up in the sky...
Japan Break Industries
Diamond cutter, DA DA DA!
Japan Break Industries
Automated Compressor, let your echoes shake the ground!
by ReySquared May 04, 2009

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A headrush is a feeling of light-headedness. Headrushes usually happen if you stand up after sitting down for a long period of time. Your field of vision shrinks temporarily, and it looks like you're blacking out, but it only makes you dizzy for a few seconds until the feeling wears off.
Headrushes can cause some embarrassment, because they occur on a slight delay, so that you're already far from your chair when the feeling kicks in. If there's a table or wall nearby, lean on it for support just in case. Otherwise, just sit down or stand there for a few seconds.

If you are prone to skip meals some days, or don't get enough sleep, you are more likely to get headrushes. Frequent headrushes are crazy as hell, but get old pretty quickly.
"John usually skips breakfast, but he pulled an all-nighter and missed lunch today. Poor bastard got a headrush on his way to Biology and fell over in the hall."

"Whoa, dude, I just headrushed like crazy. I need to stop playing TFT for a while, I've been on for like three hours."
by ReySquared May 10, 2009

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The news is of the people, by the people, for the people. Urban Dictionary is of the people, by the people, for the editors.
This definition, however, is by an editor, for editors... and for anyone else who cares.

Editors, in a general sense, are individuals that check and double-check the works of other people, to make sure those people don't come off as sounding like complete fools.

Editors on Urban Dictionary are an interesting breed. There are a number of things that separate them from the generic editor:

1) UD editors cannot actually edit the content of definitions that people submit--they only have the power to accept or reject.

- This means, unfortunately, that many definitions will be a little bit incoherent because they otherwise adhere to editing guidelines. There is nothing that can be done about this. They probably hate this fact as much as you do.

2) UD editors have ABSOLUTELY NO MEANS of contacting people who submit definitions.

- This means you have no right to feel miffed when your definition is rejected 'for no reason'--there IS a reason, we just don't have the means to tell you.

3) UD editors unconditionally hate it when people use full names when not referring to popular culture. This is something that you won't find with editors of other things.

- This means that when you submit a definition that solely consists of how much you hate someone or how awesome somebody is, the editors want to kill you. Being an editor does not change this. Disguising it as a legitimate definition does not change this. JAMieE IS BeIGN A FAGGGGOEt does not change this. GTFO.

4) UD editors get a sizable amount of hate for doing what they do. The very idea of this is absurdly hilarious, because it is the editors that keep this website from degenerating into a cesspool of interpersonal issues.

- This means (to keep it simple) that editors do NOT hate you... unless you write your definition like you're on fifty narcotics.

5) UD editors do not have absolute power.

- This means that a submission must go through MULTIPLE EDITORS before it is finally accepted and published! We are not lazy bums, we are not overworked--we just require consensus to do anything. Don't be pissed because it takes a few days for your submission to be reviewed.

6) UD editors are not perfect. Some are worse than others.

- This means that YES, there are stupid editors who will not publish for equally stupid reasons. See number 5, and keep in mind that the good ones hate them as much as you do.

tl;dr version:
UD editors know what it's like. If you are not a UD editor, you don't know what it's like. I am a UD editor trying to get you to understand what it's like. I will probably fail.

In other words, this is my attempt to get non-editors to get what editors are and what they do, and (for the most part) what they think about YOU. Whether it is effective or not is entirely my fault--so don't hate the editors.
Prima: "My editor must hate me or something. I'm on the sixth draft and he still isn't happy with the manuscript."
Secunda: "Haha, I know the feeling man."
Prima: "Well, I guess it IS their job..."
Secunda: "Truth."

Prima: "OMG those dumb editors rejected my definition again! i hate those guys! WTF!"
Secunda: "...I'm sure they hate you too. Write better definitions."

Prima: "I'm an Urban Dictionary editor!"
Secunda (et al.): "FLAAAAAAMED!"
by ReySquared May 05, 2009

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The double j/k is a sometimes annoying practice of saying jk/j/k multiple times in a row. It is thus an example of epiphora, for you linguistic nerds out there. Ordinarily used when messing with someone. Occasionally double j/k's are used to make someone THINK you were joking.
Prima: I banged your sister.
Secunda: WHAT!?
Prima: also I crashed your car.

Prima: double j/k! *cough*

Prima: I hate you.
Secunda: D:
Prima: j/k!
Secunda: ..you ass.
Prima: YOU'RE an ass, God, you're such a fuckhead sometimes! I can't believe you!
Secunda: wha--but--I--
Prima: J/K! Hahahaha!
Secunda: -_-;
by ReySquared May 16, 2009

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