The BEST fucking song EVER written by Crusher-P
Have you heard about this song called ECHO by Crusher-P?

Bruh that's my favourite song
by Dancing.cat.studio October 17, 2020
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A small white pill (also known as MDMA) that enhances all your senses. Music will sound like never before. Taste the bass, feel the beat.
“This party is boring dude”-friend 1
Slip yourself an echo and watch the magic happen”-friend 2
by Chelseatheseshmachine April 29, 2021
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typically used to show that you agree with someone. similar to “you can say that again
maya, you’re such an attention whore
by audrizzle March 26, 2018
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What you call someone as an insult who is unable to comeback at you verbally in an argument. Instead they repeat what you say. They are an “Echo” or “Echoing“ what you say.
Me: You’re being a child!

Them: No, you’re being a child!

Me: Why you gotta be an echo?
via giphy
by MeatOrchid November 13, 2020
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The sound every drop of blood make as it drips through your heart passages full of life and death
Your love echos in my heart
by Jojoulied February 13, 2019
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When you agree with what someone else has said.
Echo my g
by Echomyg August 10, 2019
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