Word shenandoa says.... she just adds z’s To the end of everything.
*text convo*
Me:*sends meme*
Shenandoa: wowz lolz
by Tomcruise2121 April 17, 2018
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A person who exaggerates a story to get attention (or wows) from the crowd.

A liar.
Did you hear Al talking about all his girlfriends? Yeah, he's such a fuckin wowz.
by Ray Pehtoddler September 2, 2013
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Being that or of a hilarious, sexy, jaw dropping and amazing level of biblical proportions that only persons of equal wowzing can fathom.
Gem and Sam are the most wowzing people I've ever met
by GiJim12 April 29, 2013
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When your severely amazed
I wowzed when I saw him walk by
by Retroyz October 31, 2021
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