3 definitions by Tomi V.

An accidental double-sending of a message on Facebook chat due to a chat error. Happens way too often.
Jon: "Hi!"
Anna: "Hey there!"

"Hey there!"
Anna: "Ugh. Sorry. Facebook echo."
Jon: "Facebook lives in a cave."
by Tomi V. October 21, 2010
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Subscribing to someone’s Twitch stream for 9 months in a row is often jokingly called a “sub baby” or “Twitch baby,” referring to the number of months in an average pregnancy.
*Twitch notification: a_username has subscribed to Streamer123 for 9 months!*

Streamer123: “Hey, thanks for sticking around nine months! It’s a sub baby!”
by Tomi V. August 10, 2021
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aka Crankgameplays, a youtuber/twitch streamer with the best laugh you'll ever hear
a_username: omg I just joined stream, who was that laughing?
user_two: that was ethan nestor!! his laugh is like pure happiness
by Tomi V. December 19, 2020
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