The place that the human race has for thousands of years tried to destroy, and are finally getting it right..
Nuke`s are nice
by Schteen May 21, 2003
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It is a terrestial planet orbiting about 92 million miles away from a yellow dwarf star called the Sun. The sun and its planets, are in turn, orbiting the Milky Way Galaxy at about 300,000 light years away from the Galactic center.

The Earth is not entirely solid, there is liquid rock core in the center. This liquid core is probably where Earth gets its Magnetic Field. This magnetic field, in turn, blocks solar wind and other harmful radiation. The liquid nature of its core is apparently the cause of seismic activity in the surface.

The Earth's atmosphere is 71% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, and the rest being other gases such as Carbon Dioxide. The planet's plant life is a major source of the Oxygen. This is one of the major reasons why environmentalists protest against the destruction of tropical rainforests for timber and other resources.

About three-fourths of the surface of Earth is covered with water. It is able to exist in three states-solid, liquid, and gas-thanks to adequate temperatures maintained on Earth. Water is said to be essential to the formation of life.

With this abudance of liquid water and other necessary chemicals we see a plethora of life on Earth. Earth life forms vary from the microscopic bacteria, to the tall redwood trees, to the enormous Blue Whale. Among these life forms are the intelligent bipedal animals known as humans.

Humans are a peculiar life-form. With the intelligence and ability to manipulate objects with their hands, they have transformed the planet. They developed technology and culture. Their technology has aided in creation, quality of life, death, and destruction. Technology has built wonderous things like cities and temples and has helped improved the lives of people, but it is also used to destroy them too.
Earth is a beautiful planet; it is like a blue marble; but it is a tough neighborhood.
by Gopi D. February 02, 2005
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The third rocky inner planet located in the Terran Solar System. Mostly covered with water, but also has land and one large dead moon called simply, the Moon. Orgin of Human race.
This planet.
by FRED! June 08, 2004
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A sphere flying through space that is plagued with idiots who fight over whose peice of land is better.
Mars: Ah so your earth huh?
Earth: Yeah
Mars: So you have those creatures that constantly fight over who is better?
Earth: Eh... um, yeah
Mars: Ha ha ha! What a douche bag!
by Scardabums July 04, 2003
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1. The most jaw-droppingly, achingly beautiful planet in the solar system. Forget Saturn. Well ... I might be just a wee bit biased. Orbits the sun once in what its inhabitants are happy to call a year at a mean distance of 93 million miles, in the course of which it rotates on its axis just over 365 times. Equatorial diameter 7,927 miles. Equal in mass to all the other planets, moons and asteroids of the inner solar system (closer in than Jupiter) put together. The innermost planet in the system to have any moons, it has of course just the one, diameter 2,160 miles, orbital distance in this epoch 238,000 miles, circles Earth about a dozen times a year, slowly receding due to tidal interactions with Earth. Earth is the densest planet in the system. Fairly massive, two-layer iron-nickel core. Seven tenths or so of the surface is covered in water oceans. Atmosphere mostly nitrogen, large proportion of free oxygen, traces of other gases such as argon, carbon dioxide and water vapour. From space, appears as a pearly globe of green-brown landmasses, blue seas, and white ice and cloud. As of 2008, the only known body in the system (or, for that matter, the Universe) to bear life. Our home.

2. Mucky powdery stuff made from grit, organic matter and water, such as may be found all over the surface of, well, the Earth. Also known as soil. If it gets wet its name is mud. Good for growing plants in.

3. An electrical connection used to dissipate excess electrical energy in the ground.
It's all here on dear old Earth.

Stick your fingers in the rich earth.

Better to have this wire earth the charge, than your body.
by Fearman May 10, 2008
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