1. Crazy
2. Well drunk
3. When your're really high
1.NEYG&*^$&"$%RTG!£qrT2 3RQ6U7IKUT'Y;HLHMT"%"^$£^H
2. Person 1: Shut the FUCK UP!!!
Person 2. You're out of your head!
3. Dude, i'm out of my head...
by bluesonic August 10, 2006
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Saying senseless, unintelligeble, silly or crazy shit due to lack of sleep, intoxication or general stupidity.
You were so drunk you were talking out of your head and wanted us to help "mow" your car.
by PuterMedic April 23, 2009
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first spoken by a law professor from pace university in New York. From 1989. In referencing when a student spoke an articulate thought or shared an original idea, or one in which a student had an “ah-ha “ moment the professor would yell out “flower out of your head “
“professor, I disagree because based upon XYZ the answer should be…. Professor says “flower out of your head, You are absolutely correct, well done.”
by rjmann January 19, 2018
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