19 definitions by Jonah Rowley

An old man who lives in Free Country, USA. He won a fake crown by buying one at the costume shop for equal or lesser value and getting one free. He does little more than eat. He owns The Flamingo.
This is...the KoT...in th place to be...
by Jonah Rowley April 9, 2005
What happens when someone dances at you, and you dance back.
"It's on!"
"No, it's not on."
"Oh, it's on!"
by Jonah Rowley November 13, 2004
What Earth will be demolished to make way for.
The demolotion orders are available on Alpha Centuri right now. I suggest you go there before it's demolished, so we can make a formal complaint.
by Jonah Rowley March 5, 2005
A character on homestarrunner.com. He is a wrestler, weighs around a million pounds, and can't talk quietly. He is brothers with Strong Bad and Strong Sad.
"E-Commerce!! E-Business!!!"
"I can be the quietest mouse!! I live in the quietest house!!!"
by Jonah Rowley November 13, 2004
A small rural town in Georgia. Possibly a suburb of Atlanta. Internet connaisseurs go down there every few days to get tapes from their friend Homestar of what him and his friends in FCUSA have been doing. Consists of a lake with some wharfs and a sweet, sweet rainbow bridge.
One day, Strong Bad was finishing up a game of tennis on the Moon with his pal The Coach Z. He won a million to three. "You see, three is clearly a smaller number than a million," said Strong Bad. "Oh, now I understand," said the Coach Z. They flew on a sweet, sweet rainbow bridge back down to Free Country, USA.
by Jonah Rowley April 10, 2005
What will happen if we keep slowly destroying the Earth.
"Global warming, greenhouse gasses and pollution are destroying the Earth!"
"Man, are we screwed."
by Jonah Rowley November 15, 2004